Openly Flaunting Two Faces

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As regular readers will know, The Clumpany enjoys spotting the inconsistencies and occasional hypocrisy of the Scottish sports media. 

Particularly where the Great Rangers Liquidation Lie is concerned.

Back in July I wrote a piece on the different ways that the BBC treated the death of football clubs depending on whether they were either 

A) Rangers Football Club; or 

B) everyone else.

The Two Faces of the BBC
As I observed…

“Speaking a simple truth about the late Rangers FC is forbidden. But speaking a similar truth about numerous clubs south of the border is absolutely fine!”

Well guess what?

They are at it again!

And this time it is in relation to:

AFC Rushden & Diamonds: The phoenix club on the rise

The piece mentions the following:

Rushden and Diamonds’ “eventual dissolution in 2011.”

“The original Diamonds”.

“Following their dramatic demise, supporters decided to create a phoenix club – and within a month AFC Rushden & Diamonds was born.”

“The reformed club play their football behind the Dog and Duck pub in nearby Wellingborough” [No, I haven’t made that up!]

“Elements of the old Rushden & Diamonds are present within the phoenix club “

And it also quotes the manager Andy Peaks, who yearns for a feeling of continuity, but who knows the truth:

“I think a lot of the fans were at the old club and want to carry on the same”.

“We want to keep the history of the old club even though we’re a new club – but we’re a phoenix club.”

Isn’t it an absolute joy to read unvarnished reporting on this subject?

Isn’t it great not to be treated like a moron?

Good luck to AFC Rushden & Diamonds. 

You may not have a fawning press pack pedalling a survival myth and thereby rubbing creditors’ noses ‘in it’, but you seem to be going about your business with a certain dignity.

And as for the BBC… They might do well to remember that it is difficult for anyone to trust or respect respect an organisation that is so manifestly two-faced on an entirely factual matter.


NB A hat-tip to @i_confuser is in order for drawing my attention to the BBC’s coverage of AFC Rushden & Diamonds


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