Absolute Desperation


Good Evening.

Fair play to the Daily Record for taking its best shot at trying to outdo the Evening-Shark Jump.

Presumably feeling that the poor Sevconians have had a rough time of it – what with their ‘club’ not getting its own way in the Scott Allan transfer saga – the Record has pulled out all the stops to provide a bit of comfort.

Are you ready?

Rangers get one over Hibs by persuading fitness guru Craig Flannigan to swap Easter Road for Ibrox

Yes. Really. That is an actual headline in the Daily Record.

The media’s efforts to hype up ‘tension’ between Hibs and Sevco have certainly taken a new and hilarious turn!

“RANGERS have landed a blow to Hibs by snapping up their head of sports science and fitness.”

“Former Light Blues’ starlet Craig Flannigan will quit the Easter Road club after Sunday’s championship clash at Ibrox to work for Mark Warburton and his first-team squad.”

“The decision by Rangers to offer a job to Flannigan, following the departure of ex-Celtic fitness guru Jim Hendry, will upset the Easter Road hierarchy still further.”

Upset the Easter Road hierarchy still further?!


The truth is more likely to be that the Hibs hierarchy is still p*ssing itself laughing at having got such a great deal for Scott Allan and not caved in to the ‘pressure’ exerted by Sevco and its cheerleaders in the media.

But I suspect that the Record and others simply cannot countenance the possibility that they ‘backed’ the losing side in the Allan saga, and that most of the Scottish public is now pointing and laughing at them.


For if they recognised this, they might wonder if they were in danger of lacking credibility.

And that would never do!

Not when there’s a war chest-driven Warburton ‘Revolution’ they believe they can sell to 500 million members of the unsuspecting masses…