Bringing You The Big Stories…

CITIZEN KANE, Orson Welles, 1941, astride stacks of newspaper
“Why would you want to read about Celtic?”

Good Morning.

It’s a big day for Scottish football!

There’s a distinct possibility of one of our clubs making a real splash on the European scene.

The club, fans and media stand on the threshold of a very tasty odyssey around the Continent.

Yes that’s right folks, because as the Herald’s lead sports story this morning tells us

Rangers* would be Euro challengers in Premiership race


Yes. On the day that Celtic – Scotland’s last remaining representatives in Europe – kick off arguably the most important tie of the season (and certainly the most potentially lucrative), the Herald website sports pages lead with a story about the Ayr United manager saying that Sevco are already good enough to be pushing for European qualification places.

Assuming that they were in the top flight.

Which they are not.

We all know that website content shuffles around during the day, but quite why Ian McCall’s comments are deemed worthy of being the top story Heaven only knows!

Maybe the Herald wants to make Sevconians feel like part of the Euro party on a day when Celtic play in Champions League qualifier and Sevco play in the Petrofac Cup?

Maybe it’s just chance – a vagary caused by the Herald’s software?

Who knows?

But whatever the cause, it also affected the choice of the second and third stories on the website


As you can see, it is only once you get past a story about an Arsenal “starlet” going to Sevco on loan, and another about new captain Lee Wallace saying how brilliant everything is that you get to an article on Celtic’s game tonight.

I assume that the fifth item – about not “throwing money down the drain” – is also Sevco-related, but I haven’t bothered to check.

Clumpaneers will not be surprised to learn that the Herald’s stable-mate, The Evening Shark-Jump is also leading on matters Sevco. This time it is Alex Ferguson discussion how Ally McCoist actually did a “fantastic” job at Sevco…


You have to laugh, don’t you? All the way to the bank in McCoist’s case.

Fortunately, this sorry tale doesn’t extend to all the papers. Both the Scotsman and Daily Record manage to reflect the main footballing business of the day when running their lead items.

IMG_4713 IMG_4712

It really isn’t that difficult, is it?

Good luck Celtic, and…


Update 11:20am, 19 August 2015. I note that the Herald is now leading on Ronny Deila comments. But the main point still stands! Why on earth would you lead with the comments of the Ayr manager on a day like today?!