The Day Peter Lawwell Saved Sevco


You’re welcome, Sevco!
Good Evening.

Friday 14th August 2015 will go down in history as the day that all of Sevco’s well-documented troubles came to an end.

“And how is that?”, I hear you ask.

Well, Friday was the day that the most powerful man in the universe finally decided to lend them a hand.

The man who had brought Rangers to its doom via the most elaborate conspiracy ever devised, finally decided it was in his interests to help them.

And that act of charity – which is likely to have far greater benefit than any number of war chests, or any amount of staunchness – has irrevocably set Sevco on the path to glory.

Yes folks. Peter Lawwell opened the chequebook and bought Sevco target Scott Allan. 

For Celtic.

If you think that sounds like a steaming pile of nonsense, and that The Clumpany has finally lost its marbles, then all queries should be directed to Gordon Smith and The Sunday Post.

Scott Allan chose Celtic over Rangers, now the hard work begins for him

Yes, that Gordon Smith. Former Rangers player and memorable Chief Executive of the SFA, who today said 

“One argument I haven’t seen made yet amid all the hullabaloo is that Celtic have actually moved to help Rangers get up to the Premiership and get money-spinning Old Firm games back on the agenda.

That by buying Hibs’ best player they have deliberately weakened the club who are the biggest threat to a Rangers’ title win, and made it more likely they will be champions.

Remember where you heard it first!”

We are unlikely to forget Gordon!

It is just possible that he is at the wind-up, but Smith usually provides his comedy in non-written form…

Smith sometimes wears headphones in comedic fashion
Hilariously, Smith had used the previous few paragraphs of his piece to posit that Celtic might have bought Allan to deny The Warbmeister of his “top target” ahead of a ‘resumption’ of Sevco’s…errr… ‘rivalry’ with Celtic. 

So which is it Gordon? Help or hinder? Because – as I said yesterday – ‘hindering’ is an equally ridiculous notion!

It may simply be that Celtic wanted to buy the player. And then bought him. 

Boring, eh? 

But for me, the stand-out point of the piece is the unrelentingly downbeat view that Smith takes of the transfer.

He says the loss of Allan is a blow for Hibs, albeit one that is softened by the arrival of Henderson. But he does not ponder Henderson’s considerable talents, the possible contribution of McGeouch, and what the Edinburgh club might do with the transfer fee.

Hibs fans of The Clumpany’s acquaintance are very pleased with the deal, and the way their club stood its ground in the face of Sevco’s interest and the media cheerleading. 

I think they have a point!

And as for Allan himself, Smith thinks he might be in trouble.

He tells us that Allan will have to scrap to get into the Celtic team. But Allan himself has already said he knows this and is going to work hard at it. In short, he is going into this with his eyes open.

Smith says he doesn’t know if Allan is good enough to play at European level, and helpfully points out that

“This is a guy who failed to make it in England with West Brom, after all.”

Well Ronny Deila sees the potential there and that’s good enough for me, Gordon.

Although if I did want to take your opinion into account, I could also look at your quote of 30 July in the Daily Express:

“The games I saw last season, he was someone I picked out every time. He was outstanding – very creative, very good on the ball.” [Hat-tip for the quote to @rlMarx1]

Having seemingly altered his view in the past fortnight, Smith warns Allan that he “is going to have to live with the consequences of his decision.”


“As a lifelong Light Blues fan, he surely knows what he has done. The Ibrox support, of which he was part, will regard him as nothing more than a turncoat.

His move to request a transfer in the wake of successive failed bids from Rangers signalled a clear desire to move to the club.

The Light Blues’ faithful know he could have waited out Hibs’ “we-won’t-sell-to-Rangers” stance for a year to join for nothing under free agency next summer.

And that he could have rejected Celtic’s approach to ensure himself hero status on Glasgow’s south side.

I also believe that the judgement from fans of his new club is not going to be kind, either. Many of them will see him as a mercenary Bluenose. So if things don’t go well, Scott Allan has a real test of his mental strength ahead of him”

Did you spot the language?



Knows what he has done.

It’s all very dark and ominous isn’t it?! 

At least it wasn’t quite “he’ll have brought it on himself”.

Of course, another interpretation that rational folk might ultimately draw is that a young footballer was simply trying to further his career in the best possible way.

Which is no crime or insult to anyone.

Still, I am sure that had Allan rejected Celtic and signed for Sevco, Smith would also have found reasons to take a dim view of the transfer…

Wouldn’t he?

Finally, The Clumpany wants to laugh at Gordon Smith for presuming to second-guess how Celtic fans might behave towards Scott Allan.

Celtic has a long and proud history of welcoming players from all backgrounds and footballing allegiances. And backing them for the long haul. 

As we saw yesterday before Celtic’s game against Inverness, Scott Allan is already being welcomed into the family. 

For the duration.

So please stick to what you know, Gordon.

Whatever that is.