Orwell That Ends Well


Those Hoops really do suit him, don’t they?
Good Evening.

So after all that, everyone ended up getting something.

Scott Allan got a move to a ‘bigger club’ – which the papers had previously told us Hibs were prepared to allow, should one come calling.

Celtic got a promising young player with a lot of potential for further development.

Hibs got a decent amount of money, the services of two other good players, and an end to the ridiculous circus about Allan’s future.


“And then Peter Lawwell said Celtic had actual cash to offer. Now. Plus players. He said it would be ‘a giggle'”
And Sevco fans got to feel a sense of injustice that they didn’t get ‘their’ man despite a media frenzy and rhetoric about ‘over investment’ from their Chairman.

So everyone is happy!

Last night’s statement from Celtic made for enjoyable reading. And Mr Allan certainly sounded very pleased to be joining the Scottish Champions.

“I am absolutely delighted to sign for Celtic, such a fantastic club. It is such an honour to be given this opportunity and I can’t wait to get started and play my part in bringing success to Celtic and our supporters.”

Indeed, his joy carried over into his introductory appearance before the fans at Celtic Park today.

Allan got a very warm reception, and in response to some questions made it quite clear how happy he was to be there.

But the line that stood out was the one about a move to Celtic being a “no-brainer” from a footballing perspective.

And he is right, of course. The possibility of playing European football, winning domestic trophies, and playing before larger crowds and frequently on television must have been very alluring. 

And then of course there are the high wages he will receive.

These are all things that other suitors would struggle to offer.

It will be interesting to see what the Sevco PR operation and sympathetic media makes of this ‘unhappy’ turn of events over the coming week.

The sight of Allan in the Hoops before a cheering Celtic Park is quite possibly like Kryptonite to them!

Allan will have work to do in order to secure regular first team football, and it would be helpful to hear Ronny’s thoughts on quite how he sees him fitting in to his plans.

But I am sure that there is a plan. The notion from Graham Spiers that Celtic were ‘at it’ in securing Allan’s services is just silly.

A listed football club – with a board that is accountable to shareholders – would throw away £275k and send two players to another club simply to take the micky out of a lower league side?

Aye right!

But fair play to Mr Spiers for unwittingly giving The Clumpany a good laugh.

And while we are on the subject of unintended comedy, many thanks to Chris Jack (who was a good sport about it), for this little comment on a Matt Leslie tweet last night.  

The tweet was of course a reference to ‘Animal Farm’, by George Orwell.

The Scottish sports media as a whole is somewhat ‘Orwellian’ in its approach to all things Sevco. 

It repeats the ‘survival’ myth over and over again in the hope that we might swallow it, and hands down an unrelentingly upbeat narrative that often flies in the face of glaringly obvious reality.

So, it was quite ironic to see a member of the press pack not picking up on an actual slice of Orwell.

Maybe future material issued by the Sevco PR machine should be stamped: “This is Orwellian” . So everyone knows exactly what game they are playing! 😉 

Note to MSM: the one on the left isn’t Orwell, and the one on the right isn’t Keith Jackson
The Clumpany also enjoyed the subsequent exchange where it was suggested that Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s work is fiction.

It’s a popular view in some quarters, but not one that I share. [But you won’t be surprised to hear me say that…]

Phil quickly pointed out that although he has written fiction, the ever-popular ‘Downfall’ most certainly isn’t.

The Clumpany suspects that ‘Downfall’  might be another book Chris and the MSM haven’t read. I wonder if there are any others?

One wag suggested starting an MSM reading list, and another suggested a #BooksThatChrisJackHasNotRead Twitter hashtag.

I had a little chuckle at those ideas!

But The Clumpany would never encourage anyone to engage in banter about our media.

It would be undignified and childish wouldn’t it?!