When Entitlement Goes Wrong 


The Laptop Loyal makes a last-gasp effort to persuade Scott Allan against signing for Celtic
Good Afternoon.

As discussed in a previous piece, the Sevconian fraternity has not reacted well to news that Scott ‘Lifelong Fan of Ibrox Clubs’ Allan looks set to join Celtic in a cash-plus-players deal from Hibs.

And this morning we have seen a couple of particularly ‘lively’ examples of their dismay.

The Clumpany loves a bit of blogging, and one day I may attempt to write one myself.

But for now, let us all stand back and admire a couple of particularly ‘aggrieved’ examples of the art.

First up is this ‘heartfelt’ piece which repeatedly appeared on The Clumpany’s timeline this morning.

Scott Allan: the backwater politics of a backwater game

The piece express regret at “the petty-minded vindictiveness of what passes for the Scottish game of football these days.”

and the “seedy turn when Parkhead pathetics Celtic decided to use the situation to their advantage to deflect from their own humiliations.”

Apparently, “social media was filled with Celtic, Hibernian, and even St Mirren fans high-fiving each other that they managed to ‘get one over on the h*ns’ and that those ‘sevconians will be going into meltdown’.”

“My social media notifications were absolutely ridden with such ‘supporters’ archiving my Allan comments of the past and reminding me of them.”

“If anything summed up the absolutely bitter, petty, pathetic, feeble and beyond embarrassing nature of Scottish football, this is it.”

“The game north of the border now prides itself on hating Rangers.”

Well thank Heaven that the ‘meltdown’ was just a figment of our imagination, eh?


But my favourite contribution came from the Daily Record Sevco Blog.

The Clumpany usually quite enjoys these blog pieces from fans of various clubs, and so fair play to the Record for running them.

Today’s was a classic:

Record FC Rangers: Hibs are the second team in a city that doesn’t even like football

…in which the author takes a swipe at not only Hibs, but the entire City of Edinburgh! 

And its world-famous Festival.

“Delusions of grandeur have never been in short supply at Easter Road but this line really does take the biscuit.”

“The hard reality is that Hibs are the second team in a city that doesn’t even like football. They are about as big time as the groups of over privileged, Oxbridge educated “performance arts” types that fill their city at this time of year.”

Just let that sink in for a moment…

And on we go…

“Hibs should grasp that the minor blip that was the McCoist/Green era is over and normal service is being resumed.”

Ah, so we are back to everyone being required to ‘Fear’ The Rangers* ‘coming’. 

And of course to ‘know their place!’

Without noting that the ‘blip’ mentioned by Johnny McFarlane involved the death of Rangers and the stiffing of 276 creditors…

To be fair Mr McFarlane, having ‘vented’ he then makes some good points about the legendary stewardship of Ally McCoist, about a player’s wish for certainty in his career, and about the prospects of Allan getting game time at Celtic.

“It’s utterly galling then that…McCoist chose to ignore the option of signing the player for free and instead renewed the deal of Kyle Hutton, a player who in signing for Queen of the South has now found his level.

It’s just another example of the haphazard, strategy-free approach of a man who still has the gall to take an enormous weekly salary from the club he claims to love.

The flip side to this is that a player who stagnated in the reserves at West Brom and at 23 has only had one full season of football under his belt. Once again he’s going to sign a big deal at a team where he wont get game time.”

But a cursory glance at social media and the blogosphere will tell you that such cogent points are the exception rather than the rule.

The Sevconian fans thought they were going to get Scott Allan. 

But it was the club against which they still inexplicably measure themselves who put the cash and players on the table to make a deal.

Hibs have played a blinder here, given the noise made by Sevco and the way that Allan was unsettled.

And Celtic have gone about their business in their usual quiet and unfussy way.

All the noise and fuss is coming from those who possibly felt entitled to something which their own ‘club’ simply couldn’t deliver.

It’s a funny old world.