Hope and Arrogance

Good Morning.

And so the Scott Allan transfer saga rumbles on.

He hasn’t actually signed for Celtic yet, and it could still fall through.

But he was at Lennoxtown yesterday and all the signs suggest he is going to give up his Petrofac Cup dream and join the Scottish Champions in a cash-plus-players deal which looks like a very tidy bit of business for Hibs.

Twitter provided great entertainment last night as Sevconians reacted with annoyance and affected indifference to the news that ‘their’ man might not be signing for them after all.

And as the rest of Scottish football simply laughed. Loud and hard.

As I said yesterday, Dave King could yet save the Sevconian Day by breaking open the war chest and making Hibs an offer they cannot refuse. But there is no sign of it happening yet…

Should Allan sign for Celtic it will be very interesting to see how the media cheerleaders rationalise it in the context of Dave King’s Glorious Vision and The Warbmeister’s Ibrox ‘Revolution’.

This kind of disappointment really isn’t supposed to happen in the world of Real Rangers Men and ‘over investment’.

But fair play to everyone’s favourite pundit, Derek Johnstone, for getting in early with some truly remarkable comments in today’s Evening Shark-Jump.

DJ: Don’t bet on beating Rangers to Allan, Celtic

“Despite Celtic’s attempt to hijack a move west to Glasgow, DJ told SharkJumpTimes that even if a deal is agreed between both clubs he does not believe Allan will sacrifice the chance of playing at Ibrox next season for a move to Parkhead.”

Yes folks. Although DJ makes the perfectly valid point that if Allan doesn’t fancy a move to Celic it won’t happen, he clearly believes that Celtic are pursuing Allan simply to put the boot into Sevco!

And he can’t seem to countenance the possibility that ‘lifelong fan’ Allan would turn his back on Sevco for anyone else.

“Celtic can make a move for him and it would be interesting. If they offered for him what the Easter Road club are looking for then I think they’d agree to sell Scott. At that point all he has to say is ‘No thanks, I’ll wait until January 1 and sign for Rangers’.

That really is amazing insight DJ!

“We don’t know if an agreement has been reached but Scott has already made it clear where he wants to go so I’d find it strange if he turns around and goes to Celtic.

“They are the better side at the moment, of course they are. They have everything going for them, are aiming to get into the Champions League.”

“But when Rangers want you and you want to go there because they are your boyhood heroes, I think the odds would say to me that he’ll still go to Rangers.”

That’s confident talk, DJ!

But the best is yet to come. 

Not unreasonably, he ponders where Allan would fit into Ronny Deila’s plans. 

This is something that many Celtic fans are wondering, but it’s not difficult to see the attraction of getting a promising young player at a decent price and developing him into an important part of the squad and first team. 

And we all know that Ronny is very interested in building his squad on the back talented Scottish players.

Players come and go, injuries happen. Over the course of a multi-year deal, Scott Allan could make a major contribution to Celtic. 

And of course he could ultimately be sold on for much much more than Celtic paid for him. Which would keep Peter Lawwell happy.

Ronny will have a plan. But DJ seems not to agree.

“I can understand why they want him because the last thing they want is for Rangers to get another good player if they are to come up next year.”

“Now if they need him in their squad is a different matter…but to keep him away from Rangers it wouldn’t surprise me.”

“You don’t want your opposition, hopefully opposition competing against Ronny Deila’s team next season, to have another good player in the side.”

Really DJ?! Celtic are going to fork out a few hundred thousand pounds and send two players to Hibs simply to to thwart the ‘all-conquering destiny’ of a second-tier club with significant debt and a habit of living on hand-to-mouth loans?

The arrogance is incredible if not surprising. 

You keep on hoping that the emotional lure  of playing for his ‘boyhood heroes’ (sic) manages to trump the possibility of earning more money, playing at a higher standard, and developing his career, DJ.

In the absence of a war chest, hope can be a great comfort.

Perhaps your only comfort.



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