Wiping The Slate Clean


Half a second earlier, that said ‘liquidation’
Good Afternoon.

The Clumpany always enjoys an article that simply ignores the fact that the late Rangers Football Club stiffed 276 creditors for millions of pounds.

And regular readers will know that I also enjoy the media’s efforts to draw parallels between events at Sevco and something in the doomed history of Rangers.

Because nothing suggests continuity andunbroken history like…errrr… an unconvincing parallel!

So what joy to read an article in the Herald today which ticked both boxes!

The fact that it was written by an ex-Rangers and Sevco employee, and discussed comments from an ex-Rangers player just added to the ‘fun’.

Dave McPherson: Mark Warburton revolution smacks of Graeme Souness’ arrival in the mid-80s

The most committed Clumpaneers will remember that the comparison between the new Warbmeister regime and the Souness Revoltion was already done by the Sunday Mail’s Scott McDermott in mid-July.

The Ghosts of 1986

But that hasn’t stopped Lindsay Herron and Dave McPherson from subjecting us to another ‘haunting’ direct from the mid-1980s.

“The excitement and anticipation among Rangers supporters who have gleefully become disciples of Mark Warburton’s new regime has reminded Dave McPherson of the last seismic change at Ibrox nearly 30 years ago.”

“McPherson, who had two spells at Ibrox, feels there are many parallels now to the summer of 1986 when Graeme Souness was brought in.”

“The circumstances are entirely different because Souness, with the help of astute chief executive David Holmes, re-awoke a sleeping giant while now Rangers are cleansing themselves of gross mismanagement and are building the club once more in all aspects.”

“In 1986, unlike the present day, there was no corporate carnage to deal with and Souness in tandem with – and then succeeded by – Walter Smith created arguably the greatest period in the club’s history.”

“The Dave King takeover came too late to save last season but with the slate virtually wiped clean, McPherson feels there is another great era about to begin at Ibrox.”

Dear me!

Cleansing themselves of gross mismanagement? 

Corporate carnage?

The slate virtually wiped clean?


The ‘club’ playing out of Ibrox is pretending to be the one whose owner and fans revelled in winning trophy after trophy on the back of an utterly unsustainable spending spree over more than two decades!

A spree which resulted in liquidation and an awful lot of people and organisations being left out of pocket!

The notion that the new regime of this ‘same club’ somehow represents a fresh start from the events of the past is risible.

And the idea that the slate has been “virtually wiped clean” is utterly insulting. 

To the creditors of dead Rangers. And to the intelligence of a lot of sentient football fans.

It takes a special kind of delusion to believe that ‘Rangers*’ is ethereal, encompasses two clubs, and exists entirely separately from 

  • the people that ran them; and 
  • all of the decisions they ever took.

Essentially, the flat earth brigade – for whom this Herald piece will be required reading – want to believe that ‘Rangers*’ IS the trophies that Rangers FC and (one day) Sevco FC have won. And nothing more.

And if creditors lost money in the winning of these trophies then all queries should be directed to ‘the company’. 

The Rangers* ‘company’ being an inexplicably disincorporated entity that lies in the mortuary of BDO. 

And the Sevco ‘company’ being… well, Sevconians aren’t too sure about that.

Because they find it rather difficult to draw a distinction between Sevco FC and The Rangers Football Club Ltd, which is itself a subsidiary of Rangers International Football PLC.

But you can be damn sure that if anyone dares to criticise the Chairman of RIFC – one Dave King – you will be treated  as if you are an ‘enemy’ of the ‘club’!

It really is laughable stuff!
Or at least it would be if various public services, businesses and the taxpayer weren’t feeling out of pocket as a result of the previous actions of this ‘same club’.

So please do spare us the wibbletastic ‘parallels’ with 1986…



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