Treating Us Like Morons?

“Right chaps. Item 1: how to appear ‘ethereal’ while keeping a straight face”

Good Afternoon.

Another day, another round of guffaw-inducing ‘output’ from the newspapers

But first of all let me say that I did find the Record’s front page splash today to be rather intriguing. So well done on that.

Rangers whistleblower and former ‘company secretary’ Sevim Cesim snapped at airport with Ally McCoist after flying to Scotland to be quizzed by cops  

However… (and you knew there was a caveat coming)…

Take a look inside, and what do you find?

Ah yes, a time-line of some of the dramas to have befallen the two Ibrox clubs in recent years.

Which includes this little treat: 

Hat-tip to @46inchwaste

Did you spot it?

Of course you did. If you managed to find your way to The Clumpany blog you are clearly as ‘committed’ as I am to spotting bare-faced lies and/or the airbrushing of history.

Unless of course you just came here to get angry and add The Clumpany to another ‘list’. 

In which case, I say “Good Day to you! Shouldn’t you be away waving a bread wrapper at the World’s Greatest Football Manager?”.

Yes folks, the Daily Record managed to include one of the most blatant pieces of liquidation denial you are ever likely to see. 

The Clumpany can almost feel the envy oozing out of the Evening Shark-Jump at being outdone by the Record in this matter!

June 12, 2012 HMRC say they’ll reject the Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA) offered by Rangers to settle their debts, and force the club into administration”.

Oh dear! 

I suppose it COULD be an honest mistake by the person who wrote the copy, in which case ‘fair enough’.

However, I am struggling to buy that interpretation!

No, the most likely interpretation is that they have simply glossed over the fact that the club went into administration in February 2012, [note there is no mention of a ‘holding company’!] so that they can completely ignore the fact that the club was liquidated in June 2012!

Do the people writing this nonsense think we are complete morons?

That we won’t notice?

Or do they think that we will simply shrug our shoulders and let it pass?

Well if they do they are extremely misguided.

If a national newspaper is misrepresenting events that we all witnessed happening in our national sport: in the papers, and on the TV and radio, then it is something that is most certainly worth caring about!

Especially as it seems to be part of a trend. An apparent wilful rewriting of history for whatever motives.

So there are no apologies from me for raising this issue yet again.

The above extract also contains a couple of other inaccuracies.

It says that Charles Green ‘bought Rangers’: which he most certainly did not! The man himself was on record before the CVA decision saying that the existence of the club and its history was at stake.

The extract also says that Rangers were “condemned to the Third Division”.  The truth being of course that Sevco Scotland applied to join the SFL and was accepted into the bottom tier like any other new club would be. If they ever got the chance…

No one expects microscopic detail in a tabloid newspaper, but surely it’s not asking too much to see an accurate account of the basic facts?

The irony of all this is that in the main article about Ally McCoist and Sevim Cesim, Keith Jackson manages one of the MSM’s better attempts to describe what actually happened in 2012:   The mention of liquidation and asset purchase are rare beasts in the MSM, and Keith’s words could be applauded if he hadn’t prefaced the above text by referring to

“Rangers’ collapse under previous owner Craig Whyte in February 2012 – and the financial chaos which followed under Green.”

“Previous owner”, eh?

This extract leads you to conclude that the MSM somehow – and for its own reasons – views the ‘club’ as being ethereal.

Which is – of course – a steaming pile of nonsense.

And it also leaves you wondering whether the MSM really does think that most of its audience are complete mugs…