Where Did It All Go Right?

‘Success’ and the home of Scotland’s football administrators in the same blog? Has The Clumpany finally ‘lost the plot’?
Good Evening.

Many of you will have seen this report, which was carried by Sky Sports News today:

Scottish game ‘in good shape’

A survey by BDO (based on sampling) apparently shows that “all Scottish clubs have their finances in good shape with none intending to sell any future earnings, such as advances on season tickets or media income”. 

Well, well, well!

As you might expect however, not everything is perfect. And it would be interesting to know quite how BDO defines “all Scottish clubs”… 

The report says that “profitability is ‘difficult to attain’ with just one club stating they would make a profit after player trading and depreciation.”

And some clubs have apparently seen reduced income streams (although others have seen them increase). 

However, clubs are generally feeling more optimistic about revenues this season, and the sports group partner at BDO explains that 

“It is clear that the financial lessons of the last decade which saw several Scottish football clubs go into administration have been learnt.”

“There is a much greater understanding and will to ensure financial security in the years to come. Clubs know they cannot borrow now to fund future success and have responded accordingly.”

And of course, although performances in Europe have been decidedly ‘mixed’, a wider range of clubs have been winning the domestic Cup competitions.

Who’d have thought it, eh?

Credit to Sky for also reminding us of what our senior administrators said in 2012:

“Following Rangers’ administration and subsequent liquidation in the summer of 2012, warnings of a financial collapse were rife among the mainstream media in Scotland.”

“Governing body officials claimed clubs could survive for a ‘short period of time’ but without Rangers, who began again as a newco in the bottom tier of the Scottish League, ‘it would not be sustainable’ and the game could suffer a ‘slow, lingering death’.”

Of course, if Sky hadn’t pointed this out, The Clumpany and many others most certainly would have done!

The scaremongering and trashing of the Scottish game by its senior administrators in 2012 remains an utterly shameful episode.

It remains appalling that they have yet to apologise and admit that they got it wrong. 

And it remains pretty inexplicable that they are still in post three years on!

Perhaps the intrepid Scottish press pack can ask Messers Regan and Doncaster for a view on today’s news, and prompt them to issue some welcome statements of contrition?

Despite the dark predictions, the fans are still here, and most clubs are doing rather nicely, thank you. Even if Graeme Souness did pop up on Sky Sports News today to tell us it is crucial for Sevco and Scottish football to have the league’s newest club in the Premiership.

Yawn, Graeme! YAWN!

The fans and clubs got it right in 2012, and the folk at Hampden got it seriously wrong

The game wasn’t and isn’t dependent upon an Ibrox entity being in an assumed ‘rightful place’ at the top of our game.

It’s about time the folk at Hampden admitted it, and offered an apology.