Serving Your Apprenticeship

Good Afternoon.

Following last week’s triumphant Daily Record column wherein he actually talked about being manager of Clyde FC, Barry Ferguson has continued putting his credentials on the line.

You may remember that Barry talked about the importance of apprenticeships in football, and why he became manager of Clyde.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

“Now that I’m cutting my teeth as a manager I have chosen to do it in the lowest tier of Scottish football.

There were other, much easier options. Jobs which might have afforded me a more comfortable transition in the style to which I became accustomed as a player.

But I wanted to get my hands dirty again just like I did when I was scrubbing those toilet seats as a boy.”

So how’s he been getting on?

Oh dear…

Out of two Cup competitions in a week.

Firstly there was a 2-1 defeat at holders Livingston in the Petrofac Cup on 25 July.

And then on 1 August there was a 1-0 extra time defeat – again at Livingston – in the League Cup.

To be fair, Livi are two divisions above Clyde, who were not pumped in either of the games.

But who better to help make the absolute best of the ex-Rangers players’ side being put out of two cups in a week than the Evening Shark-Jump?

Manager Barry Ferguson takes positive after Clyde’s double cup exits

What a headline!

And it is worth noting that not even The Clumpany’s favourite newspaper can bring itself to use a plural in its headline. Unlike the week before, it’s only ”positive” in the singular…

So what positive does Barry find?

“I thought we were the better team second half, we put them under the cosh a bit

I gave them respect, but I knew that the longer the game went on the more they would start to panic and that’s the way it panned out.

“I think we can get a wee bit better on the ball, but we’re only really four and a half weeks into getting to know each other. We deserved more out of the game.

“I can’t fault the fitness levels, they’re scary for a part-time club. That’s all down to the boys working hard in training”.

Well at least Barry has seemingly completed his apprenticeship in ‘Football Manager Cliches’!

However, I suspect he won’t be giving any managerial tips to the Greatest Manager of All – Mark ‘Warbmeister’ Warburton – in his Record column any time soon.

Better off sticking to reminding everyone that you played in the UEFA Cup Final, eh Barry?

Good luck to the Bully Wee this season. The Clumpany has quite a bit of time for them, if not their manager!

Meanwhile, the unrelenting upbeat nonsense continues to gush forth from the Official Chronicle of Planet Sevco.

No prizes for guessing the author, but the Evening Times delights in conveying Andy Halliday’s view that Sevco want to do things as well as they can.

Rangers won’t let standards dip, insists Andy Halliday

Yes after a mere two competitive games, the talk is that

“Mark Warburton’s push for perfection has led to soaring standards in training at Murray Park”

And “there will be no let up in the future as the Light Blues strive for success this season.”

Halliday himself says “We want to be the best we can be and we have set ourselves high goals this year.”

“One bad day in training is not good enough – we have to be the best we can.”

This is truly revelatory stuff! What a man that Warbmeister is!

And what joy for the Evening Times to be on hand to keep telling us how absolutely brilliant everything is in Sevconia.

Every single minute of every day!