Scotland’s Newest Club

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Ready to weigh the amount of pish on display

Good Afternoon.

You were expecting this blog to be about Sevco weren’t you?

Well I am afraid that you have come to the wrong place!

For this short blog is about the new kid on the block! Scotland’s Newest New football club!

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…

West of Scotland FC!

I must admit that as a keen follower of the Scottish game I am absolutely gutted to have missed the formation of this exciting new entity, and to have not tracked their early results.

The Clumpany is frantically searching on Google to find out which division they play in, and the location of their home ground as it would be good to tick it off my list of ‘grounds visited’.

All I know of them far has come courtesy of the Evening Shark-Jump, which says

Three West of Scotland football fans jailed after Edinburgh disturbance

Apparently “Three football fans have been jailed and one given a community payback order for the part they played in a large scale violent disturbance with rival fans in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh.”

No details are given about who West of Scotland FC were playing that day, or indeed the date of the disturbances.

Still, its not the first time that a newspaper has reported enigmatically on football fans getting into trouble. Who can forget the time when the English papers reported on West of London FC fans being banned from football matches for racially abusing a man on the Paris Metro?

Oh wait…

Do you ever get the feeling that parts of the Scottish press views don’t want to treat their readers as adults?


Update: 13:00, 5 August 2015 – It is worth noting that a number of journalists have taken to twitter to suggest that because the Court made no mention of the clubs the fans may (or may not) have been associated with, they wouldn’t normally be able to simply report it.

However, I still find it odd that the Evening Times report didn’t even mention the date of the incident… And of course some other newspapers HAVE mentioned a match that was taking place on 6 April 2014, and also the clubs involved in it! [Hat-tip to @retroscot]

NB The Clumpany wishes to clarify that it is clearly not talking about the venerable rugby-playing “West of Scotland Football Club” (Founded in 1865)! http://www.westofscotlandfc.co.uk/