It’s Oh So Quiet…


Dave King and Richard Gough are keeping the volume down
Good Evening.

Today we were treated to The Gospel According To Richard Gough.

Gough Hails King’s quiet start at Rangers

Mr Gough is, of course, a former Rangers Captain, a friend of Dave King, and one-time front man of last season’s ill-fated season ticket ‘trust fund’.

Oh, and he also famously said “The club I gave blood, sweat and tears for is dead.”

Fair play to him for knowing what liquidation actually means!

But today he was offering his perspective on the progress of the King regime so far.

Given that this was Gough, and the piece appeared in the Evening Shark-Jump, you just knew that it was going to be positive.

But the angle it adopted in being so upbeat was somewhat unexpected.

Richard Gough extolled the virtues of King’s quiet approach, and essentially said it was a good thing that we have heard so little about his plans and work. This simply means that he is getting on with the job in hand.

So basically, it was the ‘Trust Dave – he is sorting it!’ argument.

I suppose it has to be worth a try!

Of course the entire premise of the piece was completely laughable. At one point Gough said 

“What I like about Dave is that the noise level has gone down around Ibrox. The negative press has gone down.”

The noise level has gone down?! Good grief! 

This is the noisiest regime in the entire history of sport! 

The PR operation to sell season tickets and hype up every bowel movement of King, the board and the awesomely-talented new manager has been unrelenting.

These past few months you would have been forgiven for mistaking Sevco for a political party, or North Korea, such has been the spin and propaganda across the Scottish media! 

Hell, we have even seen the regime’s PR advisers tweeting thanks to the newspapers for their coverage!

And as for “the negative press going down”, well that might be because much of the media is in thrall to the the ‘Real Rangers Men’, and is perhaps being spoon-fed positive stories by PR advisers.

Does Mr Gough think that we haven’t been paying attention?

As for his other comments, they are also well worth a read:

“I think Dave King has been fantastic. He has been very quiet.

A lot of people have been asking: ‘Where’s Dave, where’s Dave?’ He has been quiet, he has been behind the scenes but he is going to put a structure in place that goes a long way to making sure we get back to where we belong.”

Ah ‘back where we belong’. It may be a new club, but the same old sense of entitlement is still on display…

“I know Dave most probably had a meeting with Sports Direct, with (Mike) Ashley, last week but that doesn’t get publicised. It’s all quiet. We have got to talk about football again.”

Probably?! Are King’s activities so quiet that you don’t actually know? [NB we have to wonder why the Evening Shark-Jump didn’t ask Sevco if there had been a meeting between King and Ashley last week…] 

“It’s been three years of the club being taken apart. So it won’t be a quick fix but the club is going in the right direction.

When the guys came in they said it was broken and they are fixing it bit by bit. They are not going to throw £50million at it and all of a sudden everything is going to be okay”.
I think it is safe to say that we have spotted the absence of £50m being thrown at Sevco! 

Despite the previous talk of ‘over-investment’.

And this points to the main problem with Mr Gough’s analysis: unless you really want to disengage your brain and swallow the ‘quiet is good’ narrative, you find yourself wondering whether the deafening silence might be indicative of…err… slow progress in resolving a number of issues.

Issues such as the commercial relationship with Sports Direct, the £5m loan, the lack of a listing, and the loss of both Nomad and auditor.

Despite the apparent benefits of a ‘quiet approach’, you would still expect to have heard the creak of an opening warchest by now, wouldn’t you?



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