Filling A Page With Some Words

Another hard shift at the Laptop Loyal coalface
Good Afternoon.

If you hoped the above title meant that The Clumpany was going to let you in on the secrets of this “badly written”, “boring”, “repetitive”, “predictable” and “borderline plagiarising” blog [(c) A Clumpany admirer], you have come to the wrong place.

No, this is a little piece about the latest offering from the Evening Shark-Jump.

Given that it is arguably the most determined of the liquidation-denying media outlets, it is ironic that the Evening Shark-Jump is the most prolific when it comes to…errr… flogging a dead horse…

Today, it has brought us all manner of Sevco minutiae, including:

  • Rangers* First buying nearly 600,000 shares in the ‘club’. You will remember that the ‘club’ isn’t a legal entity, and can’t spent money, acquire debts or be responsible for any sort of paperwork…
  • The resignation of Douglas Park from the board of RIFC. RIFC being a company in which you can buy shares, but which isn’t the ‘club’…
  • How the Sevco players are in better shape than they have been “for years”; and
  • Why everything is looking good for Sevco fans (who have apparently been “The biggest investors this summer” by buying season tickets).

But the undisputed highlight of its coverage is this piece from Chris Jack. [Warning: if you are about to start reading War and Peace, don’t bother, this is far more epic…]

Rangers fan groups hope there is strength in numbers

…wherein we are told that some of the Sevco fan groups are going to talk about potentially setting up another forum which might bring them together with representatives from Sevco. For more discussions.

Amazing, eh?!

As the piece explains:

“The move would not bring an end to the separate entities but could allow resources to be pooled and shared for the benefit of the club.

The proposed new body would have two representatives from Rangers on board, but would be independent from the club and be in a position to buy shares and contribute towards capital expenditure projects.”

Rangers First director Ricki Neill told SharkJumpTimes:

“The Trust and ourselves will have an informal chat as well, not about merging or anything like that but to ensure we are both singing off the same hymn sheet”

And that’s it!

Possible talks about setting up a talking shop involving some of the millions of Sevco fan groups…


Is that a Pullitzer Prize I see heading towards Herald & Times Towers?


It’s a heavy shower of Pish.

However, The Clumpany was slightly intrigued by the mention of a possible contribution towards capital expenditure projects.

Perhaps these might include ensuring fully operational WIFi at Ibrox, or running the undersoil heating for longer on cold days?

But then again, maybe such a contribution won’t be needed at all once the King regime’s warchest is finally crowbarred open?