Sportsound: A Look Ahead

Good Evening.

Well the BBC’s boycott of Ibrox certainly didn’t restrict the discussion of Sevco on Sportsound tonight!

With a lively weekend of Premiership and League Cup games behind us, and with crucial European fixtures coming up, what better moment to engage in on-air navel-gazing about BBC Scotland’s relationship with Sevco?

You might almost be tempted to think that parts of the Corporation are a little bit perturbed by the boycott!

Clumpany sources have seen a draft schedule of upcoming Sportsound shows, and it looks as though listeners are going to be treated to the following on successive days…

  • Reflections on how tonight’s Sportsound went, given that there is a boycott of Ibrox in place.
  • A panelist reporting on how they plan to fill the time they are not spending at Ibrox, and a therapist coming into the studio to discuss coping strategies.
  • A discussion of what questions the team would be asking if they were allowed to go to Ibrox.
  • An evening of reruns of classic Sportsound interviews from Ibrox.
  • The Sportsound team LIVE from outside Ibrox, complete with live pining and drooling!
  • ‘Building a model Ibrox’ out of the Sportsound team’s old Rangers and Sevco season tickets.
  • An hour of repeating “Great result, Alistair” and “Walter, how does it feel to be top of the league?” over and over again.
  • Making a life-size Warbmeister from Warburton’s Bread, and bringing a ventriloquist into the studio to ‘bring it to life’.
  • A ‘letter-writing hour‘ where listeners will be asked to join the panel in composing a desperate plea to the management of BBC Scotland to end the Ibrox boycott; and finally
  • An entire show of incoherent wailing and sobbing…

Absolutely no actual football will be allowed to interfere with this gripping programming.

Happy listening, and