An Inexplicably Toxic Combination

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and Jim Spence take safety precautions before commencing their interview
Good Afternoon.

Imagine if a freelance journalist interviewed another freelance journalist.

Imagine if you didn’t like either of them.

Imagine if you somehow thought that they were prone to ‘fantasy’, ‘lying’ and ‘hatred’ of your two football ‘clubs’.

Imagine if you maintained that neither of them were worth the time of day, and were both ‘best ignored’.

Imagine that there is a perception amongst some people that some of the supporters of those ‘clubs’ have harassed journalists for commenting on them. [A view that may or may not have been informed by media coverage].

Imagine not liking the feeling of being associated with a stereotype.

Have you imagined all of that?


Then presumably you couldn’t imagine playing up to a stereotype by greeting over one freelancer interviewing another?

Because that would look completely ridiculous, wouldn’t it?