Getting A Grip

Good Afternoon.

It was great to see the return of the SPFL Premiership today, to see Celtic get 3 points, and to see the Legend That Is John Clark unfurl the flag. What a man he is!

It was somewhat less great to see the return of the Sky Sports presenting team.

David ‘Old Firm’ Tanner showed no signs that the summer break and pre-season training will result in a transformation in his patter.

And as for Neil ‘Look at the Rules’ McCann…

Oh dear.

Oh dear me.

Yes the Gordon yellow card was a controversial moment, and yes The Clumpany is a Celtic fan [you had spotted that hadn’t you?], but I think Mr Collum called it correctly.

Now there’s a phrase that you don’t often get to write! Mainly because he’s not a very good referee at all…

The ball was going well away from goal at some pace, and defenders were getting back to the goal. It is at least arguable that it was a ‘clear goal scoring opportunity’ that Gordon denied.

Some of you don’t agree? Oh well! I didn’t think you would…

But McCann has been around the block enough times to know that these things happen (and yes of course they are bloody annoying if they go against you – as any Celtic fan who saw last year’s Scottish Cup semi-final against Inverness will tell you…).

It wasn’t the most clear-cut decision any referee will have to make this season, but Collum made it, and many of us agreed with him.

But Neil McCann seemed to take it very personally. In a rule-book waving, eyes-bulging and shrieking kind of a way. 

The Clumpany would have more time for McCann’s comments on rules etc if he prefaced them by saying “I am going to pay back my £500,000 EBT loan”. But that’s just a personal opinion. Others may disagree.

Charlie Mulgrew (who did well in the studio) must have thought he had slipped into a parallel Blue-nosed universe as he sat there listening to the ‘Wibbles’ pouring out of the ex-Rangers’ player’s mouth.

It is to be hoped that McCann goes for a long lie-down and massage after the game. And perhaps has some herbal tea.

He can’t keep up that level of performance for an entire season of punditry without risking serious injury.

Unless of course he has a series of ‘stunt doubles’ who can be sent to the Sky studio for games at various points throughout the season.

Imagine that though: more than one Neil McCann in circulation…




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