Well That’s Awkward!

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news, lads…
Good Morning.

Clumpaneers will remember the somewhat gleeful way in which sections of the Scottish MSM seized upon the…errr… promotional material for a FIFA magazine back in May.

This referred to Rangers* being “in the hunt for promotion back to Scotland’s top flight”.

The most substantive piece on the use of the word ‘back’ came from Martin ‘Engine Room Subsidiary’ Williams in the Herald and Evening Shark-Jump.

FIFA step into new row over Rangers ‘old or new club’ status

FIFA step into new row over Rangers ‘old or new club’ status

And of course, The Record also had to get in on the act: with an excitable and utterly misleading headline and article. 

FIFA insist Rangers ARE the same football club despite liquidation woes

The Clumpany joined the loud chorus of mocking laughter which immediately came from all sentient and rational folk on Planet Fitba, by writing this blog which is by far and away the most-read on this site.

Definitively Pish

Martin Williams added to the debate, insisting we had missed the point that it was the COMPANY that was liquidated (and therefore not the ‘club’…). [Yes it still makes me guffaw!]

Definitively Pish (#2)

He also randomly and somewhat misguidedly tweeted Rangers’ Certificate of Incorporation from 1899. The document which…errr… turned the club into a company.


Clearly this is an issue that matters to the MSM just as much as it does to those of us.

‘The rest of us’ being intelligent people who wont be taken for mugs by a media seemingly determined to pretend that a football club cannot die no matter how many creditors it stiffs!

In view of their clearly-established interest in FIFA-related material commenting on the ‘same club’ issue, The Clumpany is sure that the Scottish media will now turn its full attention to this piece from AFP on the FIFA website:

Deila: Celtic stronger than ever ahead of new campaign

As well enjoying the reflections on Celtic’s 2015-16 campaign, our intrepid press pack can enthusiastically savour the following text about Sevco:

“Rangers’ failure to see off Motherwell in last season’s Premiership play-offs means the Ibrox club face another year languishing in the Championship. However, there is an air of optimism around Ibrox not seen since the club was forced to start life in Scotland’s bottom tier following liquidation in 2012.”

Forced to start life in Scotland’s bottom tier following liquidation in 2012!

Well that’s pretty unambiguous isn’t it?

There’s a mention of liquidation.

And the mention of ‘starting life’ clearly suggests a birth.

Something new which wasn’t there before.

A new club in fact.

So there you go Scottish media. An article on the FIFA website offering a clear factual perspective on the ‘same club’ issue.

This is a great opportunity for you to follow-up your earlier articles and avoid accusations of hypocrisy and ‘not wanting to upset the Sevconians’.

Away you go.

Don’t stare at your shoes for too long.

We are waiting…