Moving On

Good Evening.

There are very few fundamental truths in Scottish football.

But there can be absolutely no doubt that if someone suggests ‘moving on’, they are undoubtedly talking pish, and should be ignored with all the vigour you can muster.

We’ve heard it said time and time again that we should ‘move on’ from 

  • any sense of grievance about the financial doping and rule-breaking which saw Rangers liquidated, and retrospectively given a mere slap on the wrist by Lord Nimmo Smith.
  • being sceptical about the miracle of the ‘resurrection’ of Rangers*. An entity which – unlike Parma and Hereford – managed to transcend it’s death and dump its debt!
  • looking into the the SFA’s issuing of a European licence to Rangers in 2011.

It usually suits someone’s agenda to pat you on the head and say “There, there. Don’t you worry yourself about that”.

Sometimes it’s the media: many of whom pine for the old days of extravagant spending and easy stories at Ibrox. And who really don’t want to rock the boat.

Sometimes it is Sevconians themselves, who absolutely abhor the idea of someone ‘external’ taking an interest in their ‘club’ (unless of course they want to do some triumphalist gloating about something, in which case they absolutely crave your attention!).

But of course, when someone tells you not to dwell on an issue, that is PRECISELY when you should start thinking about it.

And the Bampot Community – which embraces fans of all Scottish clubs –  is especially adept at not looking the other way.

Long may it continue!

The Clumpany let out a weary sigh of despair this morning when it read the thoughts of St Mirren manager (and former Hibs and Rangers player) Ian Murray in the Evening Shark-Jump.

Exclusive: Ian Murray reckons Championship rivals Hibs should sell Scott Allan to Rangers

The key ‘insights’ from Murray were as follows:

“Scott has grown up watching Rangers and supporting Rangers and now has the chance to sign for Rangers. This chance might never come round again for him.”

“Of course, I can see the flip side. All Hibs fans are asking for is for him to wait it out for one year, but, unfortunately, that is not the way it works in football.

“The ill feeling towards him now is going to be astronomical. He is going to have to play an incredible standard of football week in, week out because fingers will be pointed at him the minute things go wrong for the team at Hibs.”

And Mr Murray manages to come out with the immortal line…

“it looks to me that it would probably be better for everyone to move on and get it done.”

Why, Ian? Is it a universal law that everything must ultimately go Sevco’s way? 

Hibs seem very determined not to sell Scott Allan, and Alan Stubbs is quite clear that he can manage his and the club’s relationship with the player, despite him putting in a transfer request.

You won’t be surprised to hear that Ian Murray isn’t the only person who has been suggesting that Hibs really ought to do the sensible thing and let Allan go…  

Again, The Clumpany asks why Scott Allan should fall into Sevco’s lap just because they now want him, and because the lad quite fancies playing for the Tribute Act of his boyhood heroes?

Only the deployment of a large pile of cash is likely to persuade Hibs to part with their man. And as yet, Sevco have only managed to table two derisory bids.

We have been told several times by various newspapers that a third bid for Allan will be coming from Sevco. But as yet there is no sign of it. 

Perhaps Dave King is still trying to get the rust off the padlock on his war chest? 

If he doesn’t manage to open it soon, then maybe the Evening Times could set up a fund so that its readers can help Sevco buy Scott Allan?
It would be a lovely gesture!

And if Hibs still refuse to sell him, perhaps the Evening Times could call on the UK government to take the issue to the UN Security Council? 

A few economic sanctions on Hibs would surely persuade Rod Petrie that Allan has to go and fulfil his destiny at Ibrox?

Watch this space…

Meanwhile, if any Clumpaneers feel that they have had a tough day, spare a thought for our good friend, the @Sevcobot Twitter account.

For those unfamiliar with its hilarious work, the Sevcobot tweets people who have used the word ‘Sevco’ and points out that they are using the word ‘Sevco’!

Brilliant, eh? There really is no beginning to the creative talent in Sevconia!

Sadly for the little automated comedy genius, this article by Keith Jackson made its way on to Twitter today.

Rangers* Exclusive: ‘You won’t drive us out of Ibrox’ – Mystery shareholders middle eastern frontman warns Dave King

….wherein the frontman for Blue Pitch Holdings, Mazen Houssami said that Sevco had not been in touch with him about the identities of those with an ‘interest’ in the Blue Pitch shares.

And in commenting on events since the new club’s foundation in 2012 he said

“I wasn’t happy with things that took place. We invested in Sevco and then Sevco was changed”.

“Sevco”, eh? 

Sevco, Sevco, Sevco!

It was obviously distressing to see lots of Clumpaneers gleefully tweeting that second sentence this afternoon.

It must have caused the Sevcobot to have a complete meltdown.

So please take a moment and #PrayForSevcobot

And, of course…



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