A Portent Of Doom?


Good Morning.

The Clumpany often finds online advertising distracting, and sometimes downright irritating.

But it serves a purpose in bringing in revenue for the media outlet. Indeed, for the ‘independent’ author it is a crucial source of income. So long may it reign!

And sometimes of course advertising can provide a ‘laugh-out-loud’ moment…

This morning, The Clumpany perused the Daily Record website to ascertain whether they had again been made to look like mugs by some prankster football fans.

So far, I haven’t found anything, but the day is yet young.

My attention was caught by this piece by David McCarthy:

The small sign at Murray Park which shows Rangers are finally on the right path

In a shock move, Mr McCarthy has produced a puff piece which breaks the startling revelation that the manager of a professional football team… is running it like it is a professional football team…

Amazing, eh?!

Players need to turn up at the right time for training, meetings and lunch etc, and the new signings seem happy with life.

Great stuff!

Nicky Law is apparently “sharp, eager, prompting, probing” [Yes it is amazing how the MSM is happy to extrapolate from one competitive fixture against a Hibs team that should have been well ahead, but which then fell apart…]

Even Lee Wallace is apparently looking upbeat:

“The full-back gave the impression last term that he had been worn down by the years of neglect the club had suffered at the hands of the chancers who were pulling the strings from the top of the marble staircase.”

So he was possibly worn down by the people who had been running the ‘club’?! Whatever happened to professionalism? And how about criticising McCoist et al for not getting more out of the players?

It could be argued that the whole tenor of the piece is an indirect criticism of McCoist and McDowall for simply not getting the basics right.

But of course the MSM isn’t very big on ‘calling out’ Sevco’s premier gardener, so we are instead invited to marvel at The Warbmeister’s organisational and inspirational abilities.

The trigger for all this exuberance from Mr McCarthy is that

“There’s a printed notice pinned on the door of the Rangers team room at Murray Park these days. It’s a weekly schedule”.

“It’s all laid out for them. Be here at this time, be there at that time. A small thing, maybe, but significant nonetheless. This notice was not there last season.”

And what is that notice?

Well, from the location of the advert within the article, The Clumpany can only assume that it is this…


Oh dear!

Perhaps Sevco’s prospects aren’t quite as bright as the MSM would have us believe?!