Knowing Your Place

Good Evening.

Enough is enough.

It is clearly time that Hibs realised their place in the grand scheme of things and let Scott Allan go to Sevco!

Sevco are on the Path of Destiny towards a Glorious Future, and it is only right that – having decided that they want to sign him – he should be allowed to join them.

The current furore isn’t just about a football player. 

This is about an institution that ‘survived liquidation’ getting back to its ‘rightful place’. 

This is about crushing the rest of Scottish football.

This is about the MSM getting ‘back’ the good old days of being spoon-fed moonbeams by a ‘Great’ Real Rangers Man with apparently vast amounts of money to spend.

This is about Living The Dream. 

Not your dream or mine, but the Rangers* Dream, which is the only one that really matters in Scottish football and to most of its media.

So come on Hibs. Do the decent thing!

Be grateful for those lowball offers from Sevco. Forget that Sevco are your likely main rivals for promotion. And for Heaven’s sake ignore the fact that Scott Allan has a contract with you.

Sevco has clicked its fingers, the media cheerleaders are jumping up and down excitedly, and it is your duty to bow down and do as you are expected.

Deference then, deference now, deference forever.

Remember that.


Kneel before Z̶o̶d̶ Sevco!
Alternatively, of course, Hibernian could dig their heels in and refuse to let Allan go. Or perhaps demand adequate up-front recompense from Sevco.

That would be a novel approach wouldn’t it?!

I mean, Dave King was quite clear about ‘over investment’ wasn’t he? So Sevco must be awash with cash, and could surely end this saga by tabling an offer that Hibs couldn’t possibly refuse.

That’s what dead Rangers would have done. And Sevco does like to pretend to be Rangers!

But wait! What did Dave King say this afternoon when announcing that Sevco has apparently sold 30,000 season tickets?

“I am aware some fans have been concerned about the amount of investment in the club and hopefully they will now appreciate that not only are we spending millions on player costs but we have also invested the funds required to meet the club’s costs on a monthly basis during the recent months when there has been no income. We have been doing this since we were successful at the general meeting on March 6.
The manager has also been signing players because we are trying to build a new team capable of winning the Championship and progressing from there. Players will continue to be added but I want to thank those fans who have bought tickets and urge others to do the same.”

The Clumpany hopes that the fans were as reassured by those comments as they were meant to be.

The rhetoric seems to have shifted towards saying that the ‘new’ regime HAS been investing (i.e. keeping the lights on with loans, downsizing a hugely expensive squad, and replacing some players with cheaper alternatives) rather than talking about what will be put in…

Mr King’s comments urging fans to buy more season tickets certainly chime with his remarks in that amazing Jim White interview.

Clumpaneers will remember that King spoke about the need for Sevco fans to outspend their Celtic counterparts, and about the board plugging a financial  gap rather than making a whopping great war chest available to The Warbmeister!

Having reflected upon King’s recent statements, you might almost be tempted to think that the Sevco board isn’t in a position to persuade an intransigent Hibs to sell Scott Allan through the payment of a decent transfer fee…

But that couldn’t possibly be the case could it?

The Clumpany is sure that we will find out soon enough!


NB Before anyone gets too excited, of course The Clumpany disapproves of anyone subjecting Scott Allan to abuse over the potential move. It’s not acceptable.

The Clumpany also looks forward to the MSM condemning other instances of abuse online and elsewhere as and when they happen.  

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