Good Afternoon.

Regular readers will know that The Clumpany has been doing its bit in the Great Search for Professor Roy Greenslade following his run-in with the Daily Record over the reporting of Kirk Broadfoot’s 10 game ban for verbally abusing James McLean.

Last night it seemed that there had been a breakthrough and the Editor of the Daily Record had found him. 

And he was quite pleased about it… 

But it seems he was a little hasty…

It turns out that Professor Greenslade may simply been away p*ssing himself with laughter in Iraq.

Possibly on the EXACT fictional spot where the Doha Celtic Supporters Club pretended to have got into trouble for doing similar on the way back from the Shakhter Karagandy game in 2013….

Sadly the above fairly tale has now been removed from the Record’s website.

And The Clumpany dares say it will never be mentioned again.

Especially as no one from the Record has recently been extolling the virtues of standing up a story before running it.




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