Missing: Presumed Disinterested

Good Afternoon.

The search is on!

Helicopters have been deployed.

Mountain rescue teams have been despatched.

Deep sea divers are scouring the ocean floor.

Jeff Tracy has sent out ALL of the Thunderbirds as well as Lady Penelope.

Milk cartons the world over are going to carry an appeal for information.

Awareness-raising storylines are going to be planted in Eastenders, Coronation Street, Dr Who and the new Star Wars film.

And the Queen is rumoured to be about to address the nation.


Because someone’s whereabouts are unknown.

Professor Roy Greenslade to be exact, following his running of this article about the coverage of the Kirk Broadfoot story by the Mirror and Daily Record 

And the Editor of the Daily Record is apparently determined to find him!

So determined in fact, that he was querying his whereabouts and whether he had an answer to his questions over the course of several hours last night and this morning.


It was clearly inconsiderate of Professor Greenslade to go AWOL on a Saturday night. 

So let’s hope that he can be found sooner rather than later.

Someone may be fretting about him!

Personally, The Clumpany thinks the Record could do worse than send a search party to Donegal.

Professor Greenslade could well be there.

Working on an ‘agenda’…  



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