A Media Spat?

Good Evening.

Far be it from The Clumpany to express any sort of wisdom on media issues. 

And of course it really is entirely a matter for the Daily Record to determine how it ‘stands up’ and runs its stories.

But a few quick extracts from The Clumpany’s timeline makes this particular ethereal entity wonder if Prof Roy Greenslade has got under the skin of the Daily Record and its Editor when reporting on the coverage of the current Kirk Broadfoot story. 

Disclaimer: Prof Greenslade did give a hat-tip to The Clumpany when discussing the Mirror Group coverage of this story. It seems he basically picked up and ran with a theme in a Clumpany blog.

But do feel free to help yourself to a conspiracy theory! 

However, it could just be that this latest example of The Clumpany’s stock-in-trade (which was The Clumpany’s fastest-read blog to date) quickly-crossed the ‘desk’ of someone who writes a column about how the media works. 

And he decided to write about the issues raised.

Crazy, eh?!

You can draw your own conclusions, but if nothing else, the apparent thoughts of the Record’s Editor tonight are perhaps worth a read. 

The Clumpany makes no suggestion that they are comprehensive, definitive, or representative of the views of the Record orTrinity Mirror.

They are merely presented below as a point for consideration and (if you care enough) discussion.

After all, we all love to discuss what the media has to say! 




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