The Farce Awakens

Looking for new signings…
Good Evening.

Following Dave King’s latest effort to effect a ‘Jedi Mind Trick’ on the season ticket-buying Sevco fan base – ably supported by his apprentice Obi-Jim-Kowtow – a little bit of Star Wars magic has unexpectedly made its way to Edinburgh.

Hibs manager Alan Stubbs was as surprised as anyone to see a limbo-dancing Ewok hand-delivering a bid for Scott Allan.


“I bring word from Mr King”
Anyone who followed the saga of Sevco signing James Tavernier and Martyn Waghorn from Wigan won’t have been surprised to see Dave King Enterprises making a lowball offer for Mr Allan.

But the opening bid was so spectacularly and laughably low, that it could only have been delivered by a creature from a Galaxy far far away. 

A really really small creature…

Hibs of course kicked immediately kicked the Ewok – and the bid – out of town.

And they issued a statement saying that they weren’t in the business of dealing with small furry creatures who helped to make Return of the Jedi a disappointing follow-up to The Empire Strikes Back

Especially if they were offering a derisory sum of money for their best player.

But that wasn’t the end of the matter.

A few hours later, Sevco made another low (but ‘improved’) bid for Mr Allan. And again Hibs told the Ewok where to go.

Reports vary on whether Mr Allan himself would like to move to Sevco at the moment.

The Clumpany thinks Hibs would be mad to let him go to their likely main rivals for promotion this season.

Keeping him at the club – even though that would mean running down his contract – would seem to be infinitely preferable as Hibs try to escape the second tier at the second attempt.

But if the player decides he wants to go, and a reasonable offer can be cobbled together by Sevco (and that’s a BIG ‘if’), then he could well be on his way.

Even if he stays, then at least Sevco can take comfort from having unsettled Hibs’ star man ahead of Saturday’s Perpetual Failure Cup game between the two sides.

Well played, Sevco!

This transfer saga still has a way to go, and The Clumpany predicts that Sevco are going to annoy the Hell out of Hibs until they get ‘their’ man.

So watch out for a limbo-dancing Jar Jar Binks in the Edinburgh area over the coming days…