The Whine Seller

Good Evening. 

The Clumpany assumes that some Scottish sports editors will be tempted to run with “Lucky Celts overcome humiliating early Icelandic goal” in tomorrow’s papers. 

If they are, then ‘well done’. You have kept up a long and ignoble tradition!

But while you are on ‘Fitba-reporting duties’, can you let The Clumpany know how that big Dave King ‘interview’ with Jim White went today?

Presumably the Komedy King sold the fans a vision of a glorious future, explaining that 

  • everything was now squared with His Big Mikeness
  • lots of money would flow into Sevco coffers from the retail deal; and
  • the fabulously wealthy Mr King would be true to his earlier rhetoric and ‘over-invest’ lots of his own money into the ‘club’.

And presumably King didn’t say lots of things about how much he had previously invested in Rangers, and have a whine about Sir David Murray?!

Furthermore, The Clumpany also assumes that King didn’t explain the need for Sevco fans to outspend their Celtic counterparts on merchandising, whilst also parading a wine cellar containing some 35,000 bottles before an awestruck audience?!

Otherwise we might start to suspect that he isn’t the World’s Greatest Footballing Sugar Daddy after all…


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