A Sense of Humour

Let’s go on a little trip to Mirthville!
Good Morning.

It’s good to know that Clumpaneers are on the receiving end of ‘Care In The Community’!

The Clumpany had a little chuckle at the following exchange that Mr Sevco had with a punter on Twitter…   

There had of course been much mirth and absolutely no astonishment that Mr Sevco had found positives in last night’s performance against Burnley! 

All good banter of course!  

Of course, if we are all “needy” it begs the question of quite what we ‘need’…

A sports media that will speak the truth rather than wrapping itself in the comfort blanket of an elaborate lie about liquidation?

A sports media that doesn’t cheerlead for the Ibrox club, but instead asks some tough questions about their plans and how the rhetoric of their Chairman and board squares with the apparent reality on the ground?

A sports media for whom a Critical Faculty isn’t the bit of journalism ‘college’ they never got round to visiting?

Answers on a postcard please. 

Postcards are better. Apparently the ‘internet signal’ at Ibrox isn’t very good!

And as for the “service” that Chris is providing… I think I might want to query one or two things if an invoice ever arrives at Clumpany Towers!


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