“A Number Of Things Perhaps Not As We Might Wish”

Mr Doncaster is having a laugh…
Good Afternoon.

As we all know by now, Stewart Robertson of Sevco didn’t get voted on to the SPFL board this week.

Nae luck Stewart!

But he can have another go next time. 

End of story. We all move on.

But NO! Not in Doncasterland and Heraldville!

In those strange realms it is important to be seen to be saying something positive about Sevco at all times!

Something about how important they are to the game and how everything is moving in the right direction for them. [Notwithstanding challenging finances, mounting debts, and a lack of Nomad, listing and auditor…]

Mr Sevco (Senior), also known as Matthew Lindsay, was the man to bring us the important upbeat perspective today.

SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster looking forward to working with “professional and credible” Rangers

Apparently Mr Doncaster has “predicted being able to deal with ‘professional and credible’ officials at Rangers will allow the SPFL to forge a constructive working relationship with the Ibrox club again.”

According to Mr Lindsay, Doncaster “welcomed the appointment of Stewart Robertson, a qualified chartered accountant [NB Matthew, that still doesn’t impress anyone] as the new Rangers managing director”.

As you would expect, the quotes from Mr Doncaster himself are an extremely rewarding read

“I am absolutely delighted Stewart has been appointed at Rangers,” said Doncaster. “I knew him from his time at Motherwell and always found him to be an entirely thorough, professional, business-like and intelligent individual.”

“The reality of Rangers’ recent history is that there have been a number of things perhaps not as we might wish.”

“A number of things perhaps not as we might wish”?! 

This understated Doncaster-speak reminded The Clumpany of the famous quote from Emperor Hirohito when announcing that – following the dropping of atomic bombs and a declaration of war by the Soviet Union – that Japan was going to accept the Potsdam Declaration and surrender unconditionally at the end of the Second World War:

“the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan’s advantage”.

Mr Doncaster continues…

“You always want to have as open a relationship, as open a dialogue, as possible with all clubs. I’m not sure with all our clubs that that’s been altogether easy in recent years.”

“We have all, together with Rangers, come through that period and we are in a position where they have appointed the likes of Stewart. That certainly helps with dialogue. It’s best to look forward. The professionalism of Stewart will make for a positive dialogue between Rangers and the league.”

“It’s always much easier for any league if you are dealing with professional, credible people at any big club. There is no doubt in Stewart that we have such a person. That makes things much easier than they might have been at some points in the past.”

How interesting to see Mr Doncaster endorsing a Sevco official after a very short time in the role, and with none of the ‘club’s’ many substantive difficulties yet resolved!

But he isn’t finished yet…

He broadens his comments to take in Sevco’s Head of Football Administration and one-time senior Rangers administrator, Andrew Dickson.

“It’s important that all of our bigger clubs are properly represented [in the running of the game]. With that in mind, Andrew Dickson has been appointed on to the [SPFL’s] Football Regulatory Advisory Group and the Scottish FA’s new congress”.

“Andrew is the same as Stewart. I’m delighted he has got the recognition of being involved after many years working in different roles at Rangers. It’s important that all of our clubs have a voice and that our bigger clubs are properly represented.”

Recognition after many years working in different roles at Rangers, eh?

That will be senior administrative roles during the EBT/ side-letter years, and then during Craig White’s tenure when Rangers famously liquidated, and (according to our senior administrators), brought the game to the brink of ‘Armageddon’ and ‘slow lingering death’?

Years which saw practices that led Lord Nimmo Smith to impose a £250k fine on dead Rangers.

And that will be the same Andrew Dickson how received an EBT worth £33k, won’t it?

Is someone playing a practical joke on us?

But let’s not dwell on that Mr Doncaster, shall we? It’s trivial stuff. Barely worth a mention.

Sadly Neil has no interesting insights to offer on the potential contribution of Dave King to the Scottish Football party. 

Although Mr Lindsay does manage to erroneously describe King as Sevco’s “majority shareholder”

“I haven’t met Dave. I haven’t had any conversations with him at all”, said Mr Doncaster.

Funnily enough, that’s also what the new Sevco manager said a few weeks ago!

The Clumpany wonders whether that has changed yet?


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