Vote Sevco!

Good Evening.

It was nice of Matthew Lindsay of the Herald to back Stewart Robertson – Managing Director of Sevco – for election to the SPFL Board at today’s AGM.

The elections to the board were discussed by The Clumpany last week.

And while Mr Lindsay did not fall into the ‘Gannon Trap’ of arguing that certain clubs should be represented on the board by virtue of their size, he said nothing to justify why Mr Robertson should be appointed.

To be fair to Matthew, he also backed Ann Budge of Hearts, mentioning the impressive job she has done at Hearts and her willingness to criticise outdate practices in the administration of our game.

But Mr Robertson was merely described as being in the category of “innovative thinkers in the sport”.

Come on Matthew, surely you could have presented some actual evidence of Mr Robertson’s track record and qualifications for the job!?

Perhaps it would have helped him to get elected…

Because in the event, the SPFL board remained exactly as it was before.

And Mr Robertson’s post-vote comment that “it is reasonable that a Club of Rangers’ size should have a voice and we will try again next year” is unlikely to make many observers feel sorry that he missed out!

Personally, The Clumpany thinks it would have been good to see Ann Budge appointed to the SPFL board. She is a vibrant figure in the game at present, and has a clear and ongoing track record of making a success of a very difficult situation.

But that’s not how the clubs voted, and that’s fair enough. 

That said, it would be extremely foolish of the continuing SPFL board members to carry on as before. As I explained a few days go, there is a considerable scope for 

  • shaking up the way the game is run; and 
  • (for example) thinking and acting creatively to bring more money into the game – especially from the TV market.

Hint: basing the entire sport and media ‘offer’ around some reanimated Frankenstein’s Monster-like ‘Old Firm’ duopoly should be the very last thing that the SPFL board should be      attempting to do. 

This is a time to think big, positively and creatively. With everyone who can contribute being involved in some way. Including Ann Budge.

Away from the SPFL elections, Mr Lindsay continued to entertain.

The Clumpany can’t recall many (or indeed any) other occasions when a ‘Chief Football Writer’ has gone to the trouble of offering the following sort of ‘reassurance’:



Why would anyone feel the need to clarify that? It almost looks like trying to accentuate a positive!

When there isn’t actually much of a ‘positive’ to accentuate!

The player parted company with his last club without anywhere else lined up. 

He was…errr… extremely cheap for Sevco to sign. 

And he’s the latest ‘inexpensive’ signing made by a ‘club’ that was apparently going to ‘over-invest’ and do ‘whatever it takes’ to secure automatic promotion.

It’s not really ‘shouting from the rooftops‘ material for a journalist to use, is it?!

And of course, the Clumposphere immediately got to work and uncovered numerous references to Mr Halliday having been “released” by Bradford, rather than him having walked away from them.

For example here


And here…


And here too…


Make of that what you will…

Believe it or not, the excellence of Mr Lindsay wasn’t the only interesting piece of Sevconery in the Herald today.

It also brought us this ‘intriguing’ piece…

Rangers toiling to sell tickets for Mark Warburton’s bow against Burnley

… which told us that “Tuesday’s friendly with Burnley appears in danger of being played out in front of a disappointingly low crowd”.

There are very few genuinely eyebrow-raising moments in the MSM’s coverage of Sevco. 

However, running a piece about tickets for a pre-season friendly not selling well was quite something to behold! 

Frankly, the piece could simply have said “FFS lads! Get your backsides to Ibrox. We need the cash! And we need it now!”.

And although it didn’t quite go to those lengths, that more desperate approach may yet be deployed on another occasion.

Sooner or later.

Depending on the size of Mr King’s war chest…