Protesting Too Much

Quick! Someone invent a holding company!
Good Evening.

Sevco are the same club as Rangers, right?

You’ve got that, yes?

No really. You HAVE understood what the World’s Biggest Baseless Assertion is all about, haven’t you?

Well, just in case you haven’t, Sevco would like you to see this Tweet.

Presumably Twitter’s character limit precludes a similar tweet in respect of the 276 stiffed creditors of this ‘same club’?

Of course, the .same club’s’ Twitter account didn’t always present things quite so…errr…brazenly. 

Who can forget this cheeky little number from the actual Rangers, which quotes Charles Green a mere few weeks before the disgruntled creditors consigned Rangers Football Club to liquidation?

A “great history” that you wanted to “preserve”, eh Mr Green? 

Oh dear…
And then there is this one from July 2012, which talks about Sevco gearing up “for their first official game”

Of course, the article quoted in that tweet contained some absolute nonsense for those in denial to gratefully swallow:

“KYLE HUTTON is ready to focus on football as Rangers finally gear up for their first official game since the club was transferred to a new company on Sunday.

With the Light Blues’ SFA membership issue resolved at last, they are set to take on Brechin City in the first round of the Ramsdens Cup at Glebe Park.”

But the language of newness – of starting again – was there for all to see:

“first official game”.

“SFA membership issue resolved”.

And it is language which Sevco would never even think about using in 2015. 

That pesky liquidation thing must never be mentioned

And neither should having to apply as a new club for admittance to senior football, or having to obtain a hitherto unheard-of SFA conditional membership in order to play at Glebe Park.

They are inconvenient truths which the media is happy to help Sevco ignore.

Far better just to pretend that liquidation didn’t happen to an incorporated football club.

The ‘same club’ – despite languishing in the second tier and being beset by problems – should be allowed to lord it over the rest of Scottish football, and we can all live Happily Ever After…

Can’t we?

Aye right…



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