It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


What time are Morcambe and Wise on?
Good Afternoon.

Ah happy memories! 

Sitting by one of the many real fires in Clumpany Towers at Christmas time.

Mulled Buckie and Bleach on the go, and watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ followed by recorded news reports of Rangers’ liquidation.

Over and over again.

All things that are guaranteed to make you feel warm and cosy.

And of course there has to be a festive viewing of the ‘Wizard of Oz’.
It’s a great film! The titular character looms large over proceedings, and his power and might is spoken of in awestruck tones.

He is the answer to everyone’s problems. Yet despite the hype, he remains unseen until very late in the day.

But when he is finally revealed, he turns out to be a deeply disappointing character with no magical abilities at all. 

But his myth is able to inspire people for a time.

Does it remind you of anyone?

The Wizard of Oz, with Dorothy


Dave King, with Paul Murray
Mind you, I doubt many Sevconians would be seen dead in a place called ‘The Emerald City’!

By now you are probably wondering why the Clumpany is reminiscing about Christmas in July. 

Well, to be honest if you are thinking about the Champions League in July, then just about anything is possible! [Well done Celtic, by the way. A solid start. Now please go and horse Stjarnan in the second leg…]

Hopefully European football will continue at Celtic Park until well AFTER Christmas

But the specific cause of The Clumpany’s reminiscing was a suddenly memory of Christmastime battles in Clumpany Towers!

Battles to get to the tin of sweets first and thereby secure the precious Quality Street ‘Purple One’!

They are magnificent!

You can now buy larger versions of them on an individual basis. And there have even been chocolate bars based on them.

But the annual trip to the police station and Grievous Bodily Harm charges following ‘The Battle for the Purple Ones’ was always worth it for the fleeting enjoyment of those wonderful sweets!

“So what triggered this particularly evocative memory?”, you ask.

Well… If you scroll down you will see.













The Purple Ones
The new Sevco third kit is lovely, isn’t it?

And here are some of Sevco’s cut-price new signings wearing it. 

A solid midfield. With a soft hazelnut centre

This really is the ideal Sevco top to NOT buy as a Christmas present. 

Your loved one can watch ‘The Wizard of Oz’ while not wearing it as part of their boycott of Sports Direct.

Your nearest and dearest gets to feel virtuous, and Mr Ashley still gets paid for the unsold stock!

Everyone’s a winner!

Well, except Sevco themselves…

Toffee Penny, anyone?  


Not an acceptable form of payment for new signings