The Jim Spence Appreciation Blog

Good Morning.

There will be no sarcastic deconstructions of any MSM articles this morning, or any searching for the whereabouts of Dave King’s warchest.

The Clumpany just wanted to note the news which emerged from Spence Towers last night.

Jim is leaving the BBC this Friday and going on to do other – as yet unspecified – things.

Rumours are circulating that Jim may go under the knife so as to become a completely convincing stunt double for fellow Arab, Lorraine Kelly – who surely needs a holiday after 400 years on breakfast TV.

Twitter comments have already covered the many reasons to admire Jim the man, and to enjoy the work of Jim the journalist.

But from The Clumpany’s own perspective Jim will be missed on the BBC for several reasons.

Firstly, Jim is a football fan,and takes pride in letting people know that. 

It’s a pretty rare person in the Scottish sports media who manifestly loves our game – warts and all – and doesn’t seem to be yearning for a past that never really existed, or a moonbeam-based future that ain’t going to happen.

Secondly, he’s a Dundee United fan [bear with me…] and doesn’t pretend otherwise. And he doesn’t let it get in the way of doing the job. 

In fact it helps him to do a better job. Jim has an honest but savvy fans’-eye perspective that is all-too rare in the media, and certainly on the BBC.

Thirdly, Jim will challenge studio guests if they are spouting pish. Even if it’s Ibrox-related pish. That’s an all-too-rare thing on Scottish radio.

Fourthly, Jim tries to give it to the listeners ‘straight’. No fawning over the plight or prospects of any particular club, no hyping-up or doing-down of players or managers just for the sake of it.

Fifthly, Jim seems to understand the concept of liquidation and doesn’t take his audience for mugs. Now that really is a rare thing in Scotland!

And finally, Jim posts pictures of the Dundee rain on Twitter. If that isn’t a sign of a man with his feet on the ground and a sense of humour, I don’t know what is.

So best of luck to Jim in the next phase of his career. The Clumpany hopes we will be hearing a lot more from him!

And for the avoidance of doubt, The Clumpany thinks the way Jim was treated when he famously referred to the “chairman of the old club, some people will tell you the club, well the club that died”absolutely stinks.

There are no excuses for the way so-called football fans treated him, or for the way the BBC were perhaps less-than-wholehearted in their public backing of him.

All the best Jim! Let us know where you are, and we will tune in!

And please do