Pre-Season Nerves


Football: an absolute nerve-shredder
Good Evening.

There are no sophisticated remarks on offer from The Clumpany tonight.

I just wanted to note that Celtic’s season starts tomorrow. 

And as a result, all the possibilities in the world currently fill our minds with hope: 

  • Champions League qualification (and if not that, a run in the Europa League)
  • A chase for domestic trophies
  • Some mesmerising performances; and 
  • (No doubt) a shed-load of controversy along the way.

Like all clubs, Celtic will play the hand that is dealt them.

And no doubt the media will – at various points – remind them that they really should do better.

The media may also (repeatedly) suggest that the game in which we compete against other clubs with a proud history and determination to live within their means is an absolute joke without an Ibrox club in the top flight.

Well they know where they can shove that point of view…

The Scottish game remains an absolute privilege to play in.

It may have its faults, some egregious injustices that remain unaddressed, and a media that will do it down at the drop of a hat.

But Scottish domestic football has an incredible heritage, rivalries and entertainment value that most leagues around the world cannot even hope to match.

The Clumpany is looking forward to the Big Celtic Kick-Off tomorrow and all that it brings!

And makes no apologies for it!

The Clumpany hopes that you too are excited about the new season, no matter who you support.