The Media’s Sunday ‘Dilemma’

“Give me an ‘S’. Give me an ‘E’. Give me a ‘V’…
Good Evening.

The Clumpany makes no apologies for revisiting a familiar theme.

The Scottish media has a fixation with a successful Sevco that far exceeds the focus of The Clumpany on having a balanced media and a level playing field in the game that it loves.

The Clumpany today posted its 100th blog. A matter which is – in all honesty- only of interest to The Clumpany.

And The Clumpany thought to itself “ooh that was fun, I can’t believe so many people read and enjoyed it! ‘Obsession’ thankfully has a keen readership!”.

But the main thing that struck me was how little has changed over the course of 100 blogs, and considerably more Tweets. 

There is still no sign of a Sevco ‘war chest’ existing and being deployed. 

There is still no sign of an actual plan to get decent players in, repair the stadium and deliver on Dave King’s suggestion that there would be ‘over-investment‘.

Nor do we see signs of Mr King’s apparent determination to do ‘whatever it takes’ to win the Championship this season and then enter the Premiership ready to compete at the top.

The pigs are still flying, and the pie is still in the sky…

The more lurid end of the British press has a tradition of delighting in sensationalism and holding power to account in its Sunday offerings.

And while The Clumpany wouldn’t expect the travails of a lower-league club Sevco to make back-page headlines across the UK tomorrow, it certainly would hope that a half-decent Scottish press pack will be all over the ‘plans’ of the ‘club’ it repeatedly tells us is vital to the future of a successful Scottish game.

If you believe that a ‘strong Sevco’ is essential for our game, you would surely – over 4 months after the EGM that ‘swept’ them to ‘power’ – be asking the ‘new’ board about its plans and finances as a matter of urgency.

Wouldn’t you?

And even if you have faith that ‘Real Rangers Men‘ won’t let you down, you would surely eventually ask quite when the jam is going to be delivered?

Wouldn’t you?

Even for the most Sevcophantic of sports journalists, there must surely come a point where you question whether the ‘club’ on which you focus your output/ career/ dreams is actually viable and able to deliver anything like a decent contribution upon which to report.

Mustn’t there?

Sadly, we haven’t yet seen the Scottish sports press pack reach this point.

They still have unquestioning faith.

The Real Rangers Men said that all would be well for the PretendyGers. 

And no matter how closely the new season is looming, that assurance is still good enough for the MSM.

As long as no one forces them to run a story that might cast Sevco in an unfavourable light, all will be well.

Let’s just hope that the ‘ordinary’ fans of Sevco remain happy about this.

Because ultimately they seem to be the core readership of the Scottish MSM.

And one day they might just conclude that the Scottish sports media did them a massive disservice. 

Over and over again.