A Different Sort of Journey


London! Just about…
Good Morning.

The Clumpany loves a bit of OTT media ‘coverage’.

Oh, you’d noticed!

The more trivial the story, and the more excitable the coverage, the better.

Which makes the Sevco saga an absolute goldmine. 

Oh, you’d noticed that too…

Regular Clumpers will know that The Clumpany has written almost as many words about the media’s coverage of the Sevco summer ‘rebuilding programme’ as they have written themselves in support of the season ticket sales drive.

It has been that entertaining!

The latest bit of nonsense has been about the Big Sevco Trip South!

Yes folks, Sevco have traveled to London as part of their preseason preparations!


Well, actually, North London. And just inside the M25. To the Spurs training facility in Enfield, where it seems they had a kickabout in three, 30 minute halves with three different elevens” against the Spurs Development Squad.

Given the Warbmeister’s previous job managing a London club, and the alleged admiration of Spurs manager Pochettino, it seems reasonable to assume that the visit was agreed as a favour to the Sevco manager.

Sevco lost the ‘game’ 3-2, but The Clumpany is sure that everyone had a great time and the cause of Sevconian Doninance has been furthered…

Ahead of the visit, the Scottish MSM (as you would expect) gave the impression that the trip to London was quite a big deal and a significant part of Warbo’s pre-season masterplan. 

Without of course challenging Sevco to explain why they don’t actually have a decent-looking pre-season programme in place.

The papers even took the opportunity to ‘link’ Sevco with a possible loan move for two young Spurs ‘starlets’: Harry Winks and Ryan Fredericks.

All so predictable, eh?

However, The Clumpany particularly enjoyed this post-‘match’ report from the Spurs website.


Hilariously, it referred to hosting “the Scottish Championship giants”.

And Spurs U-21 manager Ugo Ehiogu provided some fascinating insights into what the ‘fixture’ actually meant to them.

“It’s always important to put these game situations on because we’ve had a physical and technical build-up in recent days and now the players are being reintroduced to different types of movement and running by playing in training ground games”.

“Later in the game there was a great opportunity for some of our new First Year Scholars to get some exposure to senior football”.


But the best coverage of the trip came from Sevco themselves.

This piece on the ‘club’ website spoke of

“utilising some of the facilities at the London club’s state-of-the-art facility”

…without actually saying 

“it will be great to have hot water and vending machines that work”

Warbo himself was quoted as saying

“It’s a magnificent facility down at Tottenham, and it’s a chance for the players to get away overnight and for us to check out our away game protocol – the pre-match meal and the timings etc. to make sure everything is right for us ahead of the new season”.

Which is lovely, isn’t it?

But the best bit of the coverage – by a country mile – was a clip from the official Sevco YouTube channel.

It is – quite literally – a video of Sevco players and staff getting on a coach to the airport.

And that’s it.

Catching a bus.

At least we didn’t have to pay to watch this particular piece of Sevconian bus-related action.

Who can ever forget the late, lamented Sevco Super Bus, which went up in flames?

But not before it had been described as “the best in Scotland” on the Sevco website, and fans were charged 99p a time to watch a ‘tour’ of it. 

It was the greatest bus in the universe!

The comedy never seems to end, does it?!

[NB this is the 100th Clumpany blog. Many thanks to everyone for your support on The Clumpany’s own ‘Journey’. I hope you have enjoyed the ride as much as I have!]



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