The Two Faces of the BBC

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Able to face facts in two completely different ways

Good Evening.

The BBC is at it again!

Following Wednesday’s piece about Hereford FC, the successor club to the defunct Hereford United, the BBC has now produced a more wide-ranging article.

Phoenix from the flames: How do you resurrect a football club?

This really interesting piece focuses on a number of English clubs that went to the wall, and which were succeeded by ‘Phoenix’ clubs.

Each tale is a sorry one. However, no one tries to pretend that when the end came it wasn’t anything but THE END.

The people quoted are all quite open about wanting to recapture something of the essence/ glory/ magic of the old dead club and in a couple of cases feel a sense of continuity with it.

But no one tries to insult the intelligence of readers by saying that the ‘Phoenix’ is the same as the old club.

The key quote of the piece is this:

“So how – and why – is a club that has gone bust resurrected? Invariably, it appears not so much an attempt to recapture former glories as preserve the name to which so many personal memories are attached.”

Nowhere in the piece are ‘holding companies’, ‘operating companies’ or ‘engine room subsidiaries’ mentioned.

There is no mention of a desperate, fawning media having the power to resurrect a dead football club

At no point is it suggested that the Advertising Standards Agency or a FIFA magazine article can breathe life into that which has expired.

Nor is there any exposition of the valuable role that threats can play in ensuring that your Norwegian Blue parrot really was only ‘pining for the Fjords’.

Rangers are live! No, really…

No. It’s an everyday tale of football clubs shuffling off this mortal coil and something else being created as a tribute to it. You might almost call them a Tribute Act!

The piece is yet another reminder of just quite how systematic the Scottish media is in its efforts to take us all for mugs!

It also serves to make the BBC and the BBC Trust look utterly ridiculous.

Speaking a simple truth about the late Rangers FC is forbidden. But speaking a similar truth about numerous clubs south of the border is absolutely fine!



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