Jam Tomorrow


Good Afternoon.

Another day, another appeal for time to get the Good Ship Sevco on course for glory.

This time it was Barry ‘Rumoured to be Manager of Clyde’ Ferguson speaking out.

Barry Ferguson: It would be great if Rangers could bring in stars now but you have to trust Mark Warburton

Wherein Mr Ferguson calls on Sevco fans to be patient with the new management team, and treats us to the startling revelations that

“New signings take time to complete”.

“It’s not always simple”.

“These things don’t happen overnight”.

“It’s difficult to try to convince players to drop down a few levels”.

Amazing stuff Barry! I am glad you are here to let us in on these closely-guarded trade secrets!

He even manages to illustrate his points by talking of his experiences as manager of Clyde (yes he actually mentioned his own club!) and Blackpool.

There is of course some merit to Barry’s comments.

It certainly does take time to identify and sign players. Even if you have a red hot scouting system, lots of money and an established managerial set-up at the ‘club’.

And The Warbmeister is very new in post, so naturally needs some time and money to make and implement his plans.

But those are things that he does not have.

And this is where we come to the major flaw in Barry’s piece.

As with so much of the Sevco guff pumped out by the MSM, it is utterly devoid of context or meaningful analysis.

Barry tells us that

“Rangers didn’t have a manager in place at the end of the season and nobody knew if Stuart McCall would get the job permanently or whether a new man would come in. That was difficult as there couldn’t be any forward planning.”

He is right about the managerial situation of course.

There was a gap following Sevco’s reluctant decision to stay in the Championship, while the Board made a decision on the new manager.

And without a manager in place, it is never going to be easy to build a team.

But that is only part of the story. The line about “there couldn’t be any forward planning” is absolute nonsense.

The new Sevco board took office at the beginning of March, talking of plans and investment to rebuild the ‘club’ and take it ‘back’ to the top.

And pretty quickly too.

So what they could have done is started putting some sort of scouting operation in place, determined budgets, and thought about the kinds of players that they might like to sign depending upon which division they were in the following season.

A sort of ‘Plan A‘ and ‘Plan B‘-type scenario…

Warbo could have walked through the door and immediately received some sort of (admittedly limited) scouting report, a pile of cash, and instructions to spend it quickly and wisely.

Sevco could also have put some pre-season fixtures in the diary.

Help yourself, Mr Warbmeister!

Does it look like all of that happened?

Of course it doesn’t.

Despite the frantic spin carried by a supportive media, Warbs seems to have been casting around for any out-of-contract/ Bosman waifs and strays prepared to give Sevco a whirl.

There hasn’t been a whiff of a ‘marquee signing’ which might genuinely help season ticket sales and start building a half-decent team.

In fact there hasn’t been much sign of any actual money being spent in the transfer market. Which is of course strange given Mr King’s previous rhetoric about ‘over-investing’ and ‘doing whatever it takes’.

A few days ago, David Weir was bemoaning the lack of a lack of a scouting operation, and the Sevco ‘pre-season’ seems to consist of a kickabout at Spurs’ training ground and a home game against Burnley.

And that’s it.

It looks pretty shambolic. And it can’t all be because the ‘club’ only recently recruited a new manager.

And all the while, the clock keeps on ticking towards the first competitive game of the season against Hibs on 25 July.

Barry Ferguson might call for patience and time for the manager to get his team in place.

But that time is running out.

It’s yet another tale of ‘jam tomorrow’ for Sevconians to swallow.

If all that promised jam ever does turn up, it will require a fleet of juggernauts to deliver it.

And it will provide quite a jammy feast!

There will be so many favours to try

  • Nomad flavour
  • Listing flavour
  • Warchest flavour
  • Over-investment flavour
  • Auditor flavour
  • Repaying Sports Direct flavour
‘Champions League football’ flavour is not available

But right now, The Clumpany wouldn’t bet against Sevco only ending up with a few Jammie Dodgers around the place…

I’ll leave you to make your own jokes…

Sevco won’t welcome seeing any sort of Hearts again this season


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