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He can’t believe what he’s reading…
Good Evening.

Something truly remarkable happened this morning.

The BBC published this article about Hereford FC.

There used to be a football club called Hereford United – formed in 1924 – which fell on hard times, and which was ultimately wound up by the High Court in 2014.


They had once been in the English second tier, and – in 1972 as a non-league club – achieved one of the truly iconic FA Cup victories, with THAT Ronnie Radford goal against First Division Newcastle United.


But in 2014 they went to the wall.

Now the good folk of Hereford have a club called Hereford FC to watch. And The Clumpany says good luck to them


This sort of bull is entirely unconnected to the Scottish MSM
It’s quite a nice touch that FC United of Manchester, a club also born out of footballing strife (albeit of a very different kind) are playing them in their first home game.

And fair play to the BBC for covering this new club on their website.
But the language that is used about it is interesting.

“The reformed Bulls are due to kick off their first season”.

“Formed in the wake of financially ravaged Hereford United’s final collapse in the London Royal Courts of Justice”.

“The new Bulls made their first appearance in front of a crowd of 2,006 at Malvern Town”.

“Hereford will start their new life in the Midland League”.

These kind of phrases – the lexicon of ‘newness’ – are absolute anathema to the Scottish MSM (including the BBC) as far as Sevco is concerned.

Despite the fact that Rangers met a debt-ridden sticky end like Hereford. 

The BBC in its ‘not pretending that club and company were seperate’ days
At all times the MSM remains hell-bent on pretending that liquidation didn’t happen to the ethereal Rangers FC ‘club’.

And as we saw yesterday, any mistaken references to the truth must be expunged as quickly as possible!

It remains laughable and an utter embarrassment to most of the Scottish MSM.

Or at least it would be if they were capable of being embarrassed…

Good luck to Hereford FC, and…



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