I’ll Just Leave This With You…

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!
Good Evening

The Clumpany read an article this morning, and had that feeling you get when a pushy salesperson simply won’t leave you alone.

“Can I interest you in our exciting new product?”

“No thanks”.

“It’s really good! Better than the old one you have”.

“No, I’m fine thanks”.

“You might even make some extra money out of it! Look at how it shines!”

“No thanks. Look, I really need to be somewhere.”

“Shiny shiny shiny! Happy happy happy! Money money money!”.

“NO. THANK. YOU. I’m not interested. Now, if you don’t mind, I really need to get on with my life”.

Well if you are sure. I’ll just leave this with you… In case you change your mind”.

Whereupon you are left with a brochure about some product you really don’t want and never will.

Quite why this article from The Herald about the possibility of league reconstruction reminded The Clumpany of the above scenario is a complete mystery

Answers on the back of a second-tier league table that has Sevco half-way down it, please…