Over-Investment Ahoy!

Be afraid!
Good Evening.

Yesterday afternoon Charles Green FC joyfully declared that (following the world’s biggest advertising campaign) 21,500 season tickets had been renewed.

The news was so good that The Amazing Vanishing Dave King was wheeled out to offer praise:

“It has been really encouraging for the new board to witness this phenomenal response from the club’s supporters in advance of what is going to be the most significant season for the team in recent years.”

“This early uptake confirms the remarkable strength of feeling Rangers fans have for their club.”

Lovely Dave! Absolutely brilliant stuff!

However, the Clumpany laughed out loud at the next quote:

“We have already had significant improvements in the club’s fortunes off the pitch and we now look forward to a similar outcome on the pitch this season.”

Improvements off the pitch eh? The Clumpany would love to know what they are! 

Maybe Baron Bouffant has successfully changed to a new shampoo? 

Like Joe Hart. Only better.

Sales of 21,500 are of course substantially higher that was suggested by previous reports.

Taking the figure at face value (despite The Clumpany’s tendency never to believe anything just because it is written down) and without any regard to wider context, it looks quite positive.

As the Daily Record gleefully reported, a total of 24,000 season tickets were sold last year. 

So Sevco are already allegedly close to emulating that before the general sale even begins!

Gary Ralston’s piece refers to the impact that calls for a boycott had on sales last season. [Which of course means that like-for-like comparisons are not really possible, Gary!]. 

However, he fails to mention the role that Mr King had in supporting that boycott with the creation of a fund from which season ticket money would be released to the ‘club’ on a game-by-game basis. 

As is the case with Chris Jack’s similarly-enthusiastic piece, the Record also fails to mention the financial impact that the boycott had, which has helped to create a situation whereby this year’s sales are probably crucial to the survival of everyone’s favourite new ‘club’.

Context, eh?

Who needs it?

Mr Ralston tells us (without any real explanation) that Sevco are on course for ‘record‘ season ticket sales.

By this point, The Clumpany was starting to get the feeling that any hitherto reluctant Sevconian readers were being invited to feel a sense of momentum and excitement, and to rush out and buy a season ticket the moment the general sale begins.

I am sure that the ‘club’s’ celebrated PR advisors would be delighted to see such language being used!


Here comes the season ticket general sale!
Of course, what is completely missing from the coverage is any analysis of the gap between 21,500 sales and the 45,000 figure that King spoke about during his near-legendary press conference on 8 June. 

Interested observers might like to know how likely it is that 45,000 will be sold, and the implications of failing to do so.

Nor is there any analysis of how much revenue 21,500 season tickets will actually bring in once concessions are taken into account.

And it almost goes without saying that there is absolutely no mention of that £5m loan that His Big Mikeness wants to be repaid… 

No, we are simply told that sales to date are 21,500, that they have been flying off the shelves, and that this is all great news and a sign of even better things to come!


Well The Clumpany is certainly convinced.

To Mr Ralston’s credit, he does manage to multi-task during his piece by giving a nod to the possibility of further ‘transfer’ delights.

“Warburton is hopeful he can still persuade former Derby skipper John Eustace to commit to the club for at least the next 12 months and is also in talks with former Swindon keeper Wes Foderingham”.

That word ‘former‘ – as in ‘out of contract‘ – is getting quite an airing down Sevconia way isn’t it?

Which points to another great question that never gets asked in the Scottish media: where is the Sevco warchest?

Dave King spoke quite explicitly about the ‘club’ “over-investing” and doing whatever it takes to win the Championship this season and then be ready to compete effectively in the Premiership next year. 

As has been said by this blog and others, the new signings have been limited in number, and have either been out of contract, injury prone, or both.

At no point has the impression been given that the cash is being splashed about.

Sevco’s season is due to kick off in just over three weeks’ time. With an apparently jaw-dropping number of season tickets already sold, and the promise of many more to come, surely now is the time to crack open the warchest and intimidate the rest of Scottish football with some very impressive and expensive signings.

Wouldn’t it Dave?

Oh, and maybe repay that Sports Direct loan too?

Hello Sevco!

#Kerching #Kerching #Kerching

And of course…



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