Do Not Criticise The Revolution!

Good Afternoon.

A big Clumpany hurrah is heading the way of Gary Ralston and the Daily Record for this remarkable piece.

Hat-trick of whines from former Rangers stars leaves sour taste

Wherein Mr Ralston takes a pop at Richard Foster, Ian Black and Kris Boyd, and says that they “would be better served looking at their own failures rather than lashing out at Ibrox chairman Dave King.”

Ah Comrade King. Chairman and General Secretary of the People’s Republic of Sevconia, and leader of the Glorious Free-Transfer Revolution.

He Who Must Not Be Criticised.

And what Crimes Against The Revolution had Foster, Black and Boyd commited?

Well, in the case of Foster and Black they had publicly grumbled about the way they learned their services were no longer required by Sevco.

Apparently they would have appreciated some sort of letter.

You know, like people generally get when their stint with an employer comes to an end.

Shocking stuff eh?

Well it is for Mr Ralston!

He suggests that Foster’s gripe “is a bit rich as he struggled to deliver anything of note from the right wing”.


He then comments that Ian Black “has worked as a painter and decorator in the past and he’s guilty of whitewashing over a wage of six grand a week against part-timers on sixty quid”.

How charming!

Mr Ralston might have done well to reflect that losing your job – particularly in such a fickle and short-term -career as professional sportsman – is quite a big deal.

Once you were being paid, and now you aren’t. 

And you don’t know where the next paycheque is coming from.

A bit of formal courtesy from your employer would probably feel quite welcome.


As for Kris Boyd…

“Boyd’s comments were more measured as he criticised King’s strategy since taking control and claimed, with some justification, a new manager should have been brought in sooner”.

So far, so reasonable. However…

“Boyd’s ire should have been aimed at the failure of the coaching staff to implement a playing system on which he could have prospered.”

“It was painful to watch him used as a targetman last season, his waist thickening by the month, flicking on aimless long balls 30 yards from goal”.

Oh dear. 

The Clumpany got the distinct impression that as far as Mr Ralston is concerned, the three players shouldn’t have uttered a word against The Revolution. And especially not against Mr King.

Indeed, Mr Ralston seeks to boost the Chairman’s profile by comparing him favourably to… err… Charles Green, reminding readers of Green’s quotes about the Dallas Cowboys, hearing the Champions League music, and of course…

“You won’t always like what you hear from me but you’ll definitely get the truth.” 

Mr Ralston concludes his piece by praising  Stuart McCall’s reaction to leaving Sevco:

“He had just been told he would not be given the Rangers job full-time but wanted to tell the public it had been a privilege to have been in the position and to wish Mark Warburton all the best”

And then the piece concludes with the punchline:

“McCall didn’t get a letter from King either but at least his reaction was first class”.

So remember folks, don’t criticise the Revolution! Or the Daily Record won’t like it…



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