Reinforced Perceptions


Good Evening.

Regular readers will know that The Clumpany takes a rather dim view of parts of the Scottish football media.

In fact, this blog spends quite a lot of time commenting on it.

The Clumpany doesn’t need to repeat the arguments about the MSM’s inability or unwillingness to hold those in power to account. 

Or the quite spectacular fawning over the current incumbents of the Ibrox boardroom, and the relentless cheerleading of all things Sevco.

The Clumpany has covered this quite adequately.

For now…

But every now and then The Clumpany sees something that makes me think “Really?! Did that just happen?”.

Today provided one of those moments. 


Yes. A journalist retweeting a PR company who had thanked them for covering something which they have been crazily spinning for weeks.

Clearly there is room in the media for PR firms to organise an interview in support of a particular cause – in this case the promotion of Sevco season ticket renewals – and for the journalist to mention that ’cause’ in the piece.

The journalists gets access to a player (and hopefully uses it to ask some meaningful questions… Ho ho ho…).

The player gets to raise his profile a little.

The PR firm (and thereby its client) gets a plug for the ‘product’ it is pitching.

Everyone’s a winner!

And as long as that kind of low-effort, stage-managed encounter is part of a varied and generally thought-provoking offering to the readers there is no real harm done.

However, if PR-driven guff forms the bedrock of the media’s output, then you have a problem.

A big one.

The banality of the MSM’s coverage of ‘clubs’ playing out of Ibrox is of course the stuff of lamb-flavoured legend.

Unthinking, cheerleading PR-driven nonsense absolutely forms the bedrock of the Scottish media’s approach to Sevco. 

And what we saw yesterday was a classic example of it. 

A number of newspapers carried interviews with Darren McGregor, wherein he spoke of his determination to put right the wrongs of last season. 

Interviews which concluded with detailed information about Sevco Season Ticket Renewals which looked for all the world like advertising.

Free advertising.

The Chris Jack piece in the Herald was one such article. 


The Clumpany can’t immediately think of articles about other ‘clubs’ where season tickets were given such blatant promotion. But is happy to be corrected!

Perhaps the rest of Scottish football simply can’t afford to employ such a brilliant PR team?

And maybe even if they did, the media wouldn’t be all that bothered about giving them a hearing and free column inches and airtime?

Who knows… 

But the Clumposphere certainly laughed out loud at the free advertising given to Sevco season tickets yesterday.

And then almost ruptured something this morning at the sight of one of the press pack retweeting the PR company’s thanks for their coverage.

Yes it is only one retweet. By one journalist. In response to one comment by a PR company.

Maybe the journalist was just being polite or helping out some mates by drawing attention to their company?

Big deal eh?!

Well quite. The world isn’t going to end.

But the fact that this little episode speaks volumes to a large number of Scottish football fans says an enormous amount about the low regard in which the sports media is held apropos all matters Ibrox.

It simply serves to reinforce an impression – built up over many years and numerous ‘incidents’ – of a media that is quite happy to openly cosy up to the Ibrox club and its Really Real ‘Real Rangers Men’.

That ought to trouble the media, and make it ask questions of itself.

It also ought to make it more self-aware when presented with an opportunity to share the gratitude of a PR firm with a very discerning and media-savvy ‘Bampot’ audience…

But I am not holding my breath…