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They think that a 5% price increase is very reasonable
Good Afternoon.

There is considerable panic inside Clumpany Towers today.

In fact, it is sheer unadulterated terror

The past 12 hours have been spent barricading all the doors and windows.

“What’s going on?”, I hear you ask.

“Are Sheriff Officers trying to get in and seize unpaid-for Buckie?”

Thankfully not. The Clumpany always pays its way.

No, the cause of the terror is a fear that the Scottish sports press pack are going to break in, drag me down to Ibrox, and force me to buy a Sevco season ticket. 

Possibly 45,000 season tickets.

I suspect the fact that The Clumpany doesn’t have 1 ticket to renew never mind 45,000 is entirely immaterial

For today is the deadline for Season Ticket Renewals!

Those season tickets need selling and the MSM is doing all it can to help out!

For example, the ‘potential transfer’ stories just keep on coming.

Apparently ex-Livingston, Middlesbrough and Bradford winger Andy Halliday has arrived at Sevco for a trial, and fellow trialist Reece Wabara is the fastest thing in the universe!


We are also hearing that Warbo is very pleased with the Sevco pre-season. Despite it only having just started, and despite there being only one fixture in the diary so far (Burnley at the Crumbledome on 21 July).

And there’s more…

The intensity of the media’s season ticket ‘push’ has now escalated to the degree that The Herald and Mail effectively ran free advertising for it today. 

At the bottom of puff pieces about how Darren McGregor is determined to help put right the failings of last season.

The only clues to the actual success of the sales drive have come from Chris Jack of the Evening Times – who suggests that 19,000 season tickets have been renewed to date, and from Phil Mac Giolla Bhain who suggests that the true figure may be considerably lower.

Even assuming that the 19,000 figure is correct, it is way short of Mr King’s overall target of 45,000. And has potentially awful consequences for Sevco’s financial viability. 

Perhaps the general sale will improve the position dramatically…

Meanwhile, lock your doors, and hide under the bed.

The creatures of the Sevco Season Ticket Flog may be coming for you…



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