More Rabbit than Sainsbury’s

Chas and Dave are happy to confirm that the lyrics “with your excessive talking you’re becoming a pest” are not directed at The Clumpany

Good Evening.

It has been a quiet couple of days in the media’s Big Push to help sell Sevco season tickets.

John Eustace has jetted in and out, and that’s about it…

Until today…

The Daily Record went back on ‘duty’ with a story about Sevco making an approach to Spurs for the services of Harry Winks.

Rangers boss Mark Warburton chases loan deal for Spurs kid Harry Winks as he steps up revival at Ibrox

Apparently Mr Warburton has “registered his interest in taking the 19-year-old midfielder to Ibrox on a season-long deal”.

The Warbster “has a strong working relationship with the club he supported as a boy and at Brentford last season managed to land Alex Pritchard from the Spurs youth academy”.

And not only that! Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino “is believed to be keen on Warburton’s methods which is why the Englishman hopes he can persuade the Spurs boss to allow Winks to move north.”

Wow! It sounds great!

However, even the Record is forced to inject a modicum of realism into its ‘story’. And with one of the great understatements of the century…

“Warburton may have to work hard to convince Tottenham’s hierarchy one of their prized youngsters would benefit from a 
10-month stint in Scottish football’s second tier.”


You didn’t seriously think The Clumpany would write this piece without including the ‘nudge nudge Winks Winks’ gag, did you?!

Quite what either Spurs or their young starlet would have to gain from him spending a year toiling in the Scottish Championship remains a mystery.

Especially if other clubs closer to home and playing at a higher standard – for example in the English Championship – are interested in him.

Some might argue that Haris Vuckic provides an example of a player from a Premier League club making a success of a loan move to Sevco.

However, Vuckic moved to Sevco at a point when HBM and his associates had a direct interest in the running of Sevco, and were able (and minded) to make an executive decision to despatch him north of the border.

The situation with Winks is entirely different. Spurs have absolutely no vested interest in helping out with the loan of a talented young player.


An approach to loan Winks also seems at odds with Dave King’s rhetoric about ‘doing whatever it takes’ to win the Championship this season, and to be ready to compete effectively in the Premiership next year.

It almost looks like scrabbling around to try and secure the services of any player they can get. Without needing to dip into a ‘war chest’.

It remains to be seen whether Winks ends up at Sevco.

Perhaps Spurs will conclude that he will benefit from a season under the tutelage of managerial genius Mark ‘Warbo’ Warburton.

But perhaps they won’t

However, we can certainly expect the media to continue its Sevco season ticket sales drive over the coming days as the deadline for renewals looms and the general sale begins.

The Clumpany fully expects tomorrow’s Sunday Mail to carry the story that legendary Spurs fans ‘Chas & Dave’ are backing a Winks move to Sevco by re-releasing one of their biggest hits, and with all proceeds going towards his wages.

By startling coincidence the lyrics of the song in question perfectly summarise the MSM’s continuing guff about the good times heading Sevco’s way…

“yup yup rabbit yup yup yup rabbit rabbit bunny jabber yup rabbit bunny yup yup yup rabbit bunny jabber yup yup yup rabbit bunny jabber yup yup bunny jabber rabbit”

Take it away Chas and Dave…