Billy and Chris [Part 2]

“Will this tell me how Sevco got on against Alloa?”

Good Afternoon.

[*Overheard in a Govan pub, a few hours after the dramatic events of Part 1*]

William: Pint, Billy?

Billy: “Aye. Can I have it in my new ‘Executive’ glass?

[*Rummages in bag*]

Billy: “There you go! What do you think about it? Smart eh?

William: “Billy, it’s a Sports Direct mug!

Billy: “Aye. I wanted something big, classy but cheap so I could drink a toast to all us Sports Direct boycotters. Mike Ashley will regret the day he tried to take advantage of The Rangers*. Does he think we are stupid?

William: “F*cking Hell Billy…”

Billy: And anyway, it’s not a mug. It’s an ‘Executive’ glass.

William: “What you on about? And what’s with the polyester suit and tie? And that plastic briefcase? And that massive mobile phone? You off to an 80s party?

Billy: “No mate. I took your advice.

William: My advice?!”.

Billy: I read that Chris Jack article you told me about this morning. F*cking impressive stuff!

And even if I’d still had doubts about a season ticket, it turned out he’d done another brilliant article with Justin Andrews!

William: “Another?! That lad puts in some effort for the Gers*.”

Billy: He does! It was all there, contacts around the word, brilliant ideas, knows the game inside out!

Chris said Warbs has been on a Quest. You know, like f*cking Lord of the Rings! Elves, Wizards, the lot. We’ve got the league sown up this season pal! And the Cups! 

I’ve been pissing myself laughing at Tims all day.”

William: I can see that Billy. You should have gone for a black suit instead“.

Billy: It’s nae bother mate. Nothing could upset me today“.

William: So what’s the fancy dress for, Billy? I love a bit of 80s music. I could come along tonight.

Billy: There’s no party. I’m wearing this because of my new ‘Executive’ status“.

William: [*Rolls eyes*] “Your what?

Billy: “‘Executive’ status mate. When I went down to the ticket office it turned out that I wasn’t just getting a season ticket. I was becoming a ‘co-investor’! I’m going to be f*cking minted!

William:Oh my God… Shoot me now…