Nervous Giggling

Everyone is really worried
Good Evening.

The Clumpany loves a good thought-provoking tweet.

Step forward Garry Owen, Racing Tipster of the Daily Record:

“@DR_GarryOwen: @murrayf00te @****** I’ve detected supporters of the other Glasgow club giggling nervously as Gers drag themselves off their knees“.

Mr Owen does not treat us to further explanation, so we are left to ponder quite what he means.

The Clumpany will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that “Gers” refers to Sevco, rather than to Rangers amazing the world by coming back from the dead.

I will also interpret “dragging themselves off their knees” in the general sense which includes “being in debt, living on hand-to-mouth loans, and recruiting new players from the bargain basement”.

This tweet is going REALLY well isn’t it?

But what about the reference to “the supporters of the other Glasgow club giggling nervously?”.

Could Mr Owen be referring to some hitherto unknown Sevco plan to outdo Partick’s amazing new mascotKingsley‘ by replacing Broxi ‘Encumbered Trademark’ Bear with something that will truly blow the minds of everyone in the world?  

Trademarks not held by Sports Direct

Or perhaps fans of Queen’s Park are feeling apprehensive at the thought of being upstaged by Sevco dragging itself up and over to Hampden at some point for a money-saving ground share?

The nerves are such that they can barely concentrate on the game
It must be one of those two things because no one in their right mind would suggest that fans of Celtic are living in fear of the Dave King ‘revolution’ at Ibrox. 

Timmy tends not to panic at the spectacle of a busted flush, which seems devoid of plans and serious finance.


“Aren’t you afraid, Timmy?”

The only sort of laughter coming from Celtic fans isn’t nervous giggling.

It is full-throated, finger-pointing, conga-dancing raucous guffawing at the perpetual comedy emanating from the Calamity Dome, and from the media which so very much wants to believe that ‘the Rangers*’ are ‘coming‘.

Hope that’s not too disappointing, Garry.