Everything is Wonderful, Being Here is Heavenly…

A real-life victory

Good Evening.

The imagined victories are always the best.

You can achieve all sorts of things.

The Clumpany is still savouring beating Stephen Hendry in EIGHT successive World Snooker Championship finals.

In your face Stephen! Eight times over…

The fact that each victory was achieved soon after riding a Grand National winner only served to made them sweeter.

The Clumpany got back on and still won

And then there were the ‘Miss World’ victories.

Which The Clumpany has vowed never to discuss.

Happy times!

Others too have enjoyed some pretty tasty imagined victories.

The board of Legia Warsaw are still reminiscing about their immaculately completed Champions League paperwork, and their aggregate victory over Celtic.

Legia like to dream about having beaten Celtic 6-1 on aggregate

Perhaps the greatest imagined victory of them all however, is Rangers’ victory over liquidation.

Now that’s a cracker!

One to tell their Celtic-supporting grandchildren about.

Fantasy in action

But it’s never good to keep reminiscing about the same imagined victories over and over again.

You need something new to keep things fresh. Another wee fantasy to make you feel like a Champion!

It is particularly helpful to do this when times are tough, and the future is uncertain.

Step forward Danny Wilson. Who clearly snubbed Celtic purely and simply because he’s a Bluenose who wouldn’t touch the financially stable, Europe-bound Scottish Champions with a shitty stick.

Could never play for any other club than Sevco

Sweet dreams everyone.

And keep an eye out for the next ‘Miss World’ competition. You never know who might be there.


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