Definitively Pish (#2)

Good Evening!

Here’s a reblog. In honour of one of the Press Pack’s Finest!

“@Martin1Williams: SFAJudicialPanel “It was submitted that the entity known as “#Rangers Football Club” comprised both the PLC and the limited company””

“@Martin1Williams: [@*******] I see there’s an article written in answer to mine in the blogosphere. Misses the fact that incorporation relates to the company!”

Hi Martin (should you be looking in…)!

You do realise that you have just said that the thing you pretend is ‘Rangers Football Club’ is (as many as) two companies?

Good to have you on-board with the Round-Earthers at last! Those who know an incorporated football club when they see one are always glad of the company!!

Did anyone tell you about that time when a prominent incorporated Scottish football club was liquidated? Stiffing 276 creditors?


Well allow me…

You’re welcome.

Hope it’s not too hot in the ‘Engine Room Subsidiary’ tonight.


The Clumpany



The Clumpany

Good Afternoon.

Well that’s it then.

You can stick your Insolvency Law where the sun don’t shine.

You can forget all about what Lord Nimmo Smith actuallysaid.

You can forget all about incorporation and liquidation.

You can forget all about a completely new entity buying the dismembered parts of a club that died owing creditors millions of pounds.

You can forget all about a club that finished second in the SPL not playing in Europe the following season, and not entering the Scottish Cup in the later rounds as you might ordinarily expect.

You can forget about a new entity having to apply to join the SPL and then the SFL.

You can forget all about the new entity being given an entirely new sort of SFA membership (a ‘conditional’ one) to allow it to play senior football.

You can also forget all about the new entity being…

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