Pulitzer Alert!

According to the MSM, this isn’t tumbleweed. It’s a Mark Warburton fan club rushing to get their season tickets

Good Afternoon.

It’s all go in the Lamb Munchers’ Super League today.

Exhibit A

Someone ‘legnedary’ has said something about a new manager. They met at some point in the past, and he seemed a decent bloke. The legned would happily speak to him again.

Walter Smith: I helped new Rangers boss Mark Warburton be a coach.. now I’ll help him become an Ibrox legend

Exhibit B

Someone who scored some goals whilst on loan owing to the generosity of an otherwise-derided Billionaire, is talking to his parent club about his future.

Vuckic could make Rangers return

Haris Vučkić with The Invisible Man, his replacement at Sevco

Exhibit C

In a shock development, a new manager said some non-arrogant things and sounded fairly realistic about stuff.

The lack of ego from Mark Warburton is exactly what Rangers need

*Gasp!* Normal bloke

Exhibit D

An ex-footballer with an opinion about the ‘club’ said some blindingly obvious things about what the new manager has to do.

Gordon Smith: Rangers rebuild a tough task for Warburton

“Mark Warburton will need to do things in order to achieve things”

Exhibit E

Someone with a keen eye for an ‘Engine Room Subsidiary’ spoke of “liquidated operating companies”.

Dave King stands to get £1.4m out of £10m Rangers oldco creditors pot

He only joined the Rangers board in order to see an operating company in action

Exhibit F

Some rogue journalist spouted off about Sevco staring crisis in the face ‘owing to a lack of money, and having crossed Mike Ashley’

Ibrox disarray as Ashley makes his move

No hiding place…

The Clumpany hopes Sevconians are feeling much better about things right now, and are ready to buy a Season Ticket.

That is – after all – the name of the game…


Hope you didn’t fall for ‘Exhibit F’, and please do…