Went to See the Gypsy

Hasn’t met Dave King
Good Evening.

Bob Dylan’s rather charming (and underrated) 1970 album “New Morning” contains a song after which this piece is named.


It (allegedly) describes an imagined meeting between Dylan and “The King”. That’s Elvis Presley to you and me.
Admit it. The moment Elvis was mentioned, you started thinking up jokes about ‘Tribute Acts’ didn’t you?

Shame on you! 

The late Rangers FC
Anyway… You would perhaps expect a song ‘recounting’ the meeting of two giants of popular culture to have an epic quality about it. Maybe a touch of grandeur.

But you would be wrong. To a very basic and low-key arrangement, Dylan describes a crushingly anti-climactic meeting of two blokes in a hotel room.

Dylan goes to Elvis’s room. 

Elvis sees him and says “Well well well. How are you?”

Dylan asks how Elvis is, and goes down to the hotel lobby to make a phone call. He then goes back up to see Elvis again. But he’s gone.

So Dylan watches the sun rise “over that little Minnesota town”.

And that is it!

Making “a small call out”. Bob-style.

All that possibility and anticipation, but ultimately there is only a massive anti-climax!

The Clumpany absolutely loves this song. [Although my favourite on the album is “Day of the Locusts” wherein Dylan goes to collect an honorary doctorate in the company of an out-of-his-head David Crosby].

David Crosby appreciation picture
However, it doesn’t half make me think about that other anti-climactic King-about-town, 

Following King’s ‘victory’ at the Sevco EGM and his subsequent endorsement as ‘Fit and Proper’ by the SFA, the world was expecting war chests to be unleashed, share listings to be secured, big crowds to return to Ibrox, and…errrrr… promotion to be secured.

But what have we seen instead?

Not a lot. 

The King revolution

There has been some bluster from the new regime about play-off ticket prices, hilarious spin about potential new managers, and a lot of noise about Sports Direct and Mike Ashley.

And that’s about it.

Following their calamitous performance in the Premiership play-off final, Sevco find themselves staring down the barrel of an extremely uncertain second-tier future.

The squad needs rebuilding, the stadium needs repairs, Mike Ashley needs repaying etc etc etc.

These are worrying times for the fan base to whom the new regime promised so much.

And what have they heard since Sunday?

Vey little. 

Neither Chairman King nor Baron Bouffant Paul Murray have issued a soothing statement saying that “things are challenging, but we have a funded plan to fix them.” 

Sports Direct are rumoured to have a 76% interest in Paul Murray’s hair

It is pretty extraordinary. I could go on, but I think that this blog from the RSL group sums things up quite nicely.

So what have we heard from the Sevco board this week?

Veteran Sevco-watchers will know that there is nothing quite like a statement to lift the hearts of Clumpaneers.

The laughs initially came through their statement on Bilel Mohsni and the “behaviour of Motherwell supporters”.

And then on Wednesday we received the RIFC board’s commentary on the Resolutions to be discussed at the EGM called by His Big Mikeness.

It was entertaining stuff. Bleating about the nature of the contracts with Sports Direct, and resisting repayment of the £5m at the present time, suggesting that all these issues needed to be considered “collectively”.
The most eyebrow-raising part of the document was the statement that

“the Directors do not consider that, at this time, the repayment of £5 million to Sports Direct is the best use of the Company’s resources”.

I will leave Clumpaneers to dissect that sentence at their leisure! 

“‘Best use’. Is that right, lads?”

But it was the things that were not covered by the statement that most piqued The Clumpany’s interest. 

For example, the statement said nothing in response to MASH’s questions regarding the circumstances of RIFC’s delisting from AIM.

To be fair, the board had previously indicated that their utterances on the matter might be limited by “commercial confidentiality”, so perhaps they decided that saying nothing was the best course of action for now.

I wonder what HBM makes of that?

Similarly, the statement says nothing in response to HBM’s questions about the terms of the £1.5m loan given to RIFC by the Three Bears in March…

Shortly to appear in “Goldilocks and the Respecters of Commercial Confidentiality”

The statement was also completely silent on the previously-floated idea that the board might consider inviting shareholders to amend the company’s Articles of Association to prevent possible further future breaches of the SFA’s ‘dual ownership’ rules. i.e. strip His Big Mikeness of his shareholders’ voting rights.

Yes, stripping his voting rights still sounds like a potentially ‘winning strategy’ doesn’t it?!  

His Big Mikeness loves a trier!

I am sure the board won’t now quietly drop the idea, having already banked the publicity generated by the suggestion…

But what about the MASH/ Sports Direct input into the EGM?

Well, apparently they have been asked whether they would like to address the meeting. 

I am sure HMB would relish being subjected to undignified booing etc from the massed ranks of the Sevco Loyal. 

However, he’s a busy man, and he may not be too keen on spending his own time looking after his loose change. So I suspect we won’t be seeing HBM in person.

But fear not! There is also a possibility that MASH may issue their own statement to shareholders before the meeting.

Now that could be tasty.
It could potentially provide a detailed commentary on the vexed issue of RIFC’s delisting and on its obligations under the terms of the £5m loan. 

Maybe it will be drafted by HBM’s legal guys.

It could even contain newsworthy tidings. 

Not a member of HBM’s legal team

Despite the assertions of the board that there is no need for the meeting, I find it difficult to believe that MASH has gone to the trouble of calling a meeting and exposing itself to public attention only for it (or its aftermath) to pass off with barely a whimper…

HBM doesn’t seem like the kind of bloke to mess about and The Clumpany awaits the outcome with interest!

Finally, the sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that while Dave King filled the role of ‘Elvis’ in the laboured analogy(!) that formed the starting point for this blog, the identity of the ‘Dylan’ character remains undisclosed.

Not the only one Tangled Up In (Light) Blue at the moment

Given that it has to be a prominent person who was excited to have an encounter with King, it can only be one of our cheerleading lamb-munching churnalists.

To avoid offence, I will leave their identity a mystery. But rest assured that they are sure-as-Hell still “Blowin’ in the Wind”.

I’m here all week.

But you knew that already.